Yooka is one of two main protagonists of the game Yooka-LayleeHe is a green chameleon who carries his bat friend, Laylee on his head.

Name Origin Edit

The name Yooka is a two-name pun with Laylee, whereas both words are being used to form the musical string instrument known as the ukulele (although it is more of a mis-pronounciation, as ukulele is meant to be pronounced "ookha-leh-leh").

According to Steve Mayles, Yooka's name has a second meaning. Yooka's name was based off of the Hawaiian word "uku", which means "small brained person".[1]


Protagonist Yooka is described as "a green bloke with no pants." The character is a lime-green colored, male chameleon. He is further described as having eyes that are lime green in color, and these are surrounded in arched, dark-green markings. He also has a long curled tail, pronged casque upon his head, and even scarlet-red markings and spikes upon his back, eyelids, hands, toes, and tail. He has a round yellow patch upon his torso.

Personality Edit

Yooka is the easy-going, adventure-craving half of the buddy-duo.[2] Always having a calm attitude and keeping Laylee at bay, he is an affable, intelligent and relaxed chameleon.

Abilities Edit

Abilities only used by Yooka Edit

  • Slurp Shot - Yooka shoots out his tongue to eat objects like berries and butterflies and is used for other abilities.
  • Tail Twirl - An attack that can be used while moving, hitting any nearby enemy.
  • Double Jump - After jumping, Yooka can jump one more time.
  • Slurp State - Yooka gains an elemental property when licking a certain object
  • Lizard Leap - Yooka uses his tail to give an extra jump boost.
  • Lizard Lash - Yooka grabs onto an object by using lick, and his tongue pulls him forward towards the object.
  • Buddy Bubble- A bubble made of flatulence used underwater that allows the duo to breathe, and use their normal abilities underwater.

Abilities shared with Laylee Edit

  • Air Attack - An aerial attack that deals one damage to any enemy it contacts.
  • Flappy Flight - Allows the duo to fly for a certain amount of time.
  • Buddy Slam - Yooka jumps and Laylee hits Yooka downward in mid-air to hit the ground hard.
  • Glide - Slows down the falling speed of the duo.
  • Camo Cloak - The duo becomes light-refractive. While being light-refractive, the duo will be able to evade detection from Corplet Security and Security Cameras, and the duo will also be able to refract light to activate light-activated switches.
  • Reptile Roll - Laylee uses Yooka as a wheel to go up steep hills and travel fast.

Quotes Edit

Development Edit

Steve Mayles originally designed a tiger, but this was changed to make him appear more like an underdog, as tigers are usually seen as strong creatures. Steve Mayles then went with a frog, but decided to scrap that idea. At one point, Playtonic Games even experimented with insects as well.[3] A friend of Steve Mayles told Steve to check out the game Chameleon Twist 2 on the Nintendo 64, and Steve Mayles got the idea of a Chameleon as the main character.[4]






  • Yooka was mostly inspired by Banjo from the Banjo-Kazooie series,
  • The internal names for "Yooka" and "Laylee" in various files are "Cam" (likely short for Chameleon or camera) and "Batty" respectively.
  • During the official reveal of the game before the Yooka-Laylee Kickstarter, many fans mistook Yooka as a female.
  • While intentional or not, Yooka has two tongues- one that is in his mouth normally on the character model and a second that sticks out to eat butterflies or berries. They can often be seen at the same time, if the player looks closely.

References Edit

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