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The Witch Snowman is a minor character in Yooka-Laylee. She is one of five snowmen in Glitterglaze Glacier. The player must find and return her lost witch Hat.

Name Origin Edit

Appearance Edit

The witch snowman has a long, cone-like snowman with various lumps up and down her body. She has two feet that spread out, and two stick arms. She has a tall pointy witch hat, a purple and green striped scarf and a large broom.

Personality Edit

The witch snowman speaks in rhyme. Upon collecting her hat, she nags the player to get to her quick.


In Glitterglaze Glacier inside of the middle of Crystalline Cave by the Scorchberries and Frostberries.

Task Edit

Yooka and Laylee must retrieve her witch hat and scarf to complete one out of the 4 tasks during the snowmen's missing hat quest.

Quotes Edit

  • "Away it seems to have fled, the hat that was on my head..."
  • "Tee-hee! Thanks for finding my hat. Now I can continue my witchy chat!"
  • "For more rhymes, I'm sure you're eager, but our dialogue budget is rather meager."
  • "I can't talk to thou, now you've been turned into a plough..."
  • "My hat I need to look slick, so bring it back here... quick, quick, quick!"

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Trivia Edit

  • The clothing and speech styles that the witch snowman use highly resemble that of Gruntilda's from the Banjo-Kazooie Series.
  • Retrieving an insufficient amount of hats for the snowmen to finish the quest and exiting the level will result in all of the quest's progress being erased; therefore, it is advised that one try finish the quest in one visit of the world.

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