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Tubbz is a bathtub Quest NPC in Glitterglaze Glacier within Icymetric Palace. He asks of Yooka and Laylee to create bubbles inside of him.

Name Origin Edit

Tubbz is a modified spelling of the word "tubs" which is what he is.

Appearance Edit

Tubbz is a large red bath tub with large water jets on the surface of his body. Tubbz has large google eyes, and four tub feet.

Personality Edit

Tubbz acts generous and polite to the duo and becomes thankful and grateful once the duo complete its task.

Task Edit

Yooka must have learned the Buddy Bubble ability and use it to blow small bubbles while diving inside of Tubbz. In order to blow small bubbles, the player must release the right trigger before the bubble fully forms around the duo. Doing so several times will trigger task completion.

Upon successful completion of this task, the nearby Pagie in a Cagie will open allowing the duo to collect the Pagie.

Location Edit

He is located at the dead end of the Icymetric Palace.

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