The Tribalstack Tropics (Theme), also known as the "World 1 Theme" is the main theme that plays in the most of the outside area of Tribalstack Tropics.

Instrumentation and Analysis Edit

The first measure starts the piece with low brass as the main bass on beats one and three throughout the first section of the piece. On the second measure, french horns join in and plays every off beat. The combination of the low brass and french horn establishes Grant Kirkhope's famous 'Oom-pah' style. The snare drum comes in on the second measure as well with brushes being hit on the snare every eighth note.

After the two-measure introduction, the piece's main melody comes in, played by a marimba for twelve measures. After the melody, the accompaniment establishes a more fast-paced style by adding in an extra horn on the 'ands' of every beat for two measures, and this continues into the next section. A bass drum is also hit on the downbeat of each measure throughout the piece.

During the second section, the melody played during the first section by the marimba is repeated by the horn with very few melodic differences.

The third section changes, and the horns and low brass is replaced by strings. The flute plays a variation of the main melody from the first section in the sub-dominant key. In the background, a soft marimba rolls on a chord for this whole section, which gives it a much lighter and peaceful tone.

The last section modulates every measure four times, starting on C, to F#, to D, to Ab, and then to G. Every modulation besides the last one is played by a different instrument. The first time is played by the same horn from the second sections, then to marimba, then to clarinet, and then flute. At the end of the piece, strings play a descending soft staccato line to end or repeat back near the beginning of the piece.

History Edit

The Tribalstack Tropics main theme was the very first piece revealed to the public during the reveal of Yooka-Laylee, and was first hinted at in a vine from Grant Kirkhope. This piece was featured in the Kickstarter trailer for Yooka-Laylee as well.

Trivia Edit

  • The Tribalstack Tropics theme was the first piece that was revealed out of all of the Yooka-Laylee soundtrack, however when it was first revealed it was known as "Jungle Theme".

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