Tribalstack Tropics is Yooka-Laylee's first world. It consists of tall floating Islands that have underbrush, a waterfall, Plant Bulbs, a huge tower, and numerous tribal structures which are scattered around the world. Yooka and Laylee first meet many of the common NPC's in this world.

Expanding this world will unlock the Tribalstack Monument, Nimbo's Mountain, floating islands, Shovel Knight's Mountain, the wooden floating platforms near the man-made Canals, and the boss section of Rampo's Temple.

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Trowzer can be found on the second floor of the Duke's Temple.

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  1. Rescue Clara: Enter the Tribal Village. Speak to Clara. Defeat 15 Corplets. Speak to Clara again to receive the Pagie.
  2. Activate the Floating Platforms: By the frostberries and Rampo's Temple is a totem that can be awoken by using the Sonar Shot ability. Doing this activates an invisible platform to be ridden up. It will lead the player up to a pillar and from there, the player can use the sonar shot across them to hit another totem to activate another two more platforms. The second platforms that moves horizontally passes by another totem on the border rocks. Activating that totem will activate the final platform which ultimately leads to the last pillar which has a Pagie in a Cagie that can opened by activating the last totem right next to it.
  3. Beat Nimble in the Dry Canal: The duo can speak to Nimble near the world's entrance and accept her challenge when the canal is dry. The duo must then use the Reptile Roll ability through the canals through all of the Hoops while touching butterflies to regain energy for the Power Meter.
  4. Complete Duke's Temple Shootout: Hit the four switches with the Buddy Slam ability to activate the lights inside of the Duke's Temple, and then enter the temple on the ground floor from the outside. Duke will challenge the duo to a shootout, and the player must use the Slurp Shot ability to consume Frostberries to hit the targets.
  5. Solve the Tribalstack Tile Puzzle: Complete the Tribalstack Tile Puzzle while avoiding the Corplet Security's laser beams. The answer of the puzzle is shown on the wall, and the duo must Buddy Slam the corresponding tiles on the floor that matches the wall's pattern within 21 seconds to receive a Pagie. If the duo runs out of time, leaves the puzzle, or gets defeated during the puzzle, the puzzle will be cancelled and the puzzle will reset.
  6. Pollinate Plant Bulbs: Collect the Mollycool from the third floor of the Duke's Temple. The player can give the Mollycool to Dr. Puzz. Use Dr. Puzz's D.N.Ray to transform into Flower Form. Speak to the Plant Bulb near the bottom of Nimbo's Mountain. Pollinate her 6 sisters to receive a Pagie.
  7. Timed Reptile Roll Hoop Challenge: In between Nimbo's Mountain and the Duke's Temple are a giant pile of rocks and once a button is pressed, a 14-second timer will start for the duo to race to the finish using the Reptile Roll ability while going through every single Hoop.
  8. Assist Planker: Collect a flying Pagie on top of the Duke's Temple. There are two ways to retrieve this Pagie:
    1. Use the Flappy Flight Ability. By using the Flappy Flight ability, the player can collect the flying Pagie
    2. Climbing onto the tallest pillar. This method is much more difficult and is the unofficial way of collecting the Pagie. However, doing this will allow Yooka and Laylee to collect an extra early Pagie before learning the Flappy Flight ability. This strategy requires the player to learn the Lizard Leap ability and the Glide ability first. The player can use the other platforms to gain height and jump to over platforms until they make it onto the edge below the highest platform. The duo can use the Lizard Leap to jump on top of the platform, and then Lizard Leap again once the Pagie flies by.
  9. Assembling the Pagie Pieces: At the entrance of the Tribalstack Forest, there is a ripped Pagie Piece in a broken cage. After accepting its quest, three other Pagie Pieces can be collected inside of the Tribalstack Forest.
    1. The First Pagie Piece can be found right inside the entrance of the Tribalstack Forest. Right when the duo enters the forest, they can make an immediate left to find a Pagie Piece.
    2. When the player follows finds the split path, they can take a left and when they're about to make another turn after following that path, instead of following the path to the left, go off the path and take a right to find some crates and barrels. the back barrel contains a Pagie Piece.
    3. The highest hill inside of the forest contains some flying platforms. The platforms will lead the player to a Pagie Piece.
  10. Collect the Underwater Pagie: (needs at least one ability from later game) Deactivate the current underwater by the bottom of Nimbo's Mountain.
  11. Locate all members of the Knights of Hamalot: Speak to Sir Scoffsalot in the Tribalstack Forest and accept his quest. After, speak to Lady Lootsalot under the tilted bridge which serves as the entrance to the Tribal Village by the world entrance. After that, speak to Sir Shootsalot near the behind the Arcade Machine which is on the east-side of Tribalstack Tropics by the man-made canal. Lastly, speak to Lady Leapalot in Rampo's Treasure Chamber, which is located inside of the canal that goes through Rampo's Temple. The Pagie in a Cagie will open, allowing the duo to collect the Pagie.
  12. Rextro's Arcade Challenge: Beat Rextro's Kartos Karting at the arcade machine after collecting a Play Coin. The minigame requires the duo to lap around the track 5 times within five minutes.
  13. Rextro's High-Score Challenge: After beating Kartos Karting normally, the duo must beat the minigame again but this time, beating the minigame within 2 minutes and 29 seconds. A timed score of 2 minutes and 30 seconds does not count.


  1. Beat Nimble in the Frozen Canal: Make Nimbo rain using a Splashberry to fill the Tribalstack Canal with fresh clean water. Induce Nimbo to rain snow to freeze the Tribalstack Canal. Beat Nimble in a race through the frozen Tribalstack Canal.
  2. Find Shovel Knight's Red Ruby: The duo must find Shovel Knight's red ruby, which is located on top of the Tribalstack Shrine. The duo can climb up the shrine while encountering different rotating platforms and spinning platforms that require shots from the Frostberry to stop. At the top of the Shrine is a red ruby that acts as the eye for the shrine. The duo can use shots from the frostberry to aim and shoot down the ruby and freely collect it.
  3. Repair the Broken Bridge: The Broken Bridge in between the Duke's Temple and the man-made section of the canal near the Arcade Machine will be replaced with Smiley Platfoms. The middle smiley platform brings the player up to a small floating island with invisible wooden platforms and Corplet Drones. The player can use the Sonar Shot to awaken the Totems one by one to bring back the wooden platforms. After the last one wooden platform spawns back it, it'll lead the player to a small circular room with a Pagie in a Cagie inside of it that can be opened by awakening a Totem.
  4. Complete the Kartos Challenge: Meet Kartos on the Tribalstack Monument, and the player must complete the minecart challenge of Tribalstack Tropics by collecting 60 gems by the end of the minigame.
  5. The Windy Challenge: (needs at least one ability from later game) On the fifth floor of the Tribalstack Monument, past Kartos, there are several Mr. Blowys. Using the Slurp State on the nearby cannonballs, walk through the heavy wind and talk to the Pagie in a Cagie on the other side.
  6. Clear the Hoop Challenge: On the West-side floating island near the Tribalstack Monument, the player must jump through a ring of hoops to gain a Pagie.
  7. Spew Water on Mr. Blowy: A singular Mr. Blowy requests for water on the third floor of the Tribalstack Monument. The player must use the water ability from Splashberries to spew water onto the Mr. Blowy.
  8. Assist Blastooie: (needs at least one ability from later game) Use the Buddy Slam on Blastooie on the top floor of the Tribalstack Monument to shoot a cannonball against the four-faced Mr. Blowy.
  9. Inside the Tribalstack Monument: (needs at least one ability from later game) After learning the Camo Cloak, enter the Monument via the entrance at the base. Use the Cloak throughout the building to avoid the Corplet Security bots.
  10. Collect all 5 Ghost Writers: Find and collect all five Ghost Writers.
  11. Collect all 200 Quills: Collect all 200 Quills in Tribalstack Tropics.
  12. Boss Battle - Rampo: After the first expansion, Rampo will be available to fight on top of the temple left of the world entrance. Defeat him for a Pagie.

Quills Edit



  1. Path to Normy (5): To the right of the spawn point is a very short path that leads down to Normy, and four quills can be found on the way
  2. Starting Area Hill (5): Up the hill from the spawn point that goes into the main part of the world
  3. Along the Shallow River by the Tribal Village (3): Three quills can be found along the shallow river by the Tribal Village.
  4. Tribal Village (4): Four quills can be found inside the interior perimeter of the Tribal Village.
  5. Bridge Between World Entrance and the Duke's Temple (3): The small bridge above the canal hosts 3 quills. The small bridge is located in between the world's entrance and the Duke's Temple. The quills are on the slope.
  6. Duke's Temple Second Floor Entrances on the Slopes (East Entrance) (3): Next to the Tribalstack Tile Puzzle with Inept is the east slope entrance to the second floor of the Duke's Temple. The quills are on the slope.
  7. Corners of the Second Floor of Duke's Temple (4): On the second floor of the Duke's Temple, there are four Quills on the four corners of the floor.
  8. Floating Platforms to Mollycool (3): On the third floor of the Duke's Temple is are floating platform that leads to a Mollycool. In between are three Quills.
  9. Duke's Temple Rooftop (4): On the rooftop of the Duke's Temple are four quills on top of the block. While it's not completely required, it's recommended to reach the rooftop with either the Lizard Leap or the Flappy Flight, but it is completely possible to reach the top without those abilities.
  10. Duke's Temple Second Floor Entrances on the Slopes (West Entrance) (2): Next to the entrance to the Tribalstack Forest is the west slope entrance to the second floor of the Duke's Temple.
  11. Along the wall by the sleeping totem Rampo's Temple (3): By the wall near Rampo's Temple and the frostberries are three Quills.
  12. Rock pillars in the canal (5): On top of the pillars that lead Fee-Dee, there is a quill on top of each pillar. The pillars are located in between the world entrance and The Duke’s Temple.
  13. On top of the arch above the world entrance (3): 3 quills lay on top of the arch above the world’s entrance. To reach it, the player can use the floating platforms near the border wall near Rampo’s Temple to jump on top of the rock wall. The player can then maneuver their way through on top of the wall towards the entrance until they reach the arch above the entrance that has 3 quills.
  14. Rampo’s Temple (9): On the way up to the top of Rampo’s Temple are 8 Quills, 3 on the first floor, 3 on the second floor, 2 in between the last set of flamethrowers, and 1 on the last slope to the roof.
  15. Top of Rampo’s Temple (3): On the very top of Rampo’s Temple are 3 Quills on top of a block. However, the player must use the Lizard Leap in order to obtain it. If the world is expanded, the duo can use the poles from Rampo's Bridge to double jump off of it to reach the very top to collect the 3 Quills.
  16. Singular Quill by Rampo’s Temple on the Rock (1): On the very west side of Tribalstack Tropics in between Rampo’s Temple and the rock border wall is a singular quill on top of a rock.
  17. Rampo's Treasure Chamber Chests (3): Inside of Rampo's Treasure Chamber are three chests, each containing a singular Quill.
  18. Rampo’s Temple Corner (2): On the corner back side closest to the border wall of Rampo’s Temple are two quills.
  19. Behind Rampo’s Temple (2): Behind Rampo’s Temple are two Quills against the Temple wall. As the player walks out of the canal out of the backside of the Temple, the quills are to the very right as the player exits the Temple canal.
  20. Tribalstack Forest Entrance (5): Five Quills can be found along the path when the player enters the forest.
  21. Heidi’s hiding spot (5): Inside the Tribalstack Forest, when the player enters and follows the path to the left, they will find the invisible Heidi’s spot along with five Quills around the spot.
  22. Tribalstack Forest Wall (3): On top of the highest wall surrounding the Tribalstack Forest are three Quills on top of a rock on the wall surrounded by several bushes.
  23. Bridge between the D.N.Ray and the Pink Plant Bulb's pollination area (3): In between Dr. Puzz's D.N.Ray and the pink Plant Bulb's pollination area is a small bridge over the canal. The bridge contains 3 quills.
  24. In the Canal Under the Arch Near the Tribalstack Monument (3): Underneath an arch close to the Tribalstack Monument are three quills inside of the canal.
  25. In the Canal near the bottom of Nimbo's Mountain (3): Near the bottom of Nimbo's Mountain is a pond with 2 paths that go around it. The dry path that's farthest from the mountain is slippery but it contains 3 quills. In order to reach it, the duo must use the Reptile Roll.
  26. Inside a Lit Tunnel Between Nimbo's Mountain and the Duke's Temple (3): In between Nimbo's Mountain and the Duke's temple are a giant pile of rocks that have a tunnel with torches inside with three Quills in the path.
  27. On Top of the Rock Wall Between Nimbo's Mountain and the Duke's Temple (9): In between Nimbo's Mountain and the Duke's temple are a giant pile of rocks and it contains a series of slopes for a time Pagie. On top of the slopes are a total of 5 Quills. Near the end of the challenge where the Pagie in a Cagie is located, on the highest rock is a singular Quill. Behind where the button is are 3 more quills on top of some rocks.
  28. Inside the Man-made Canal (9): Near the Arcade Machine is a man-made canal that contains a total of 9 Quills. 3 Quills on both entrances, and 3 quills inside in the middle.
  29. On Top of the Pillar and Arcade Machine (2): On top of a pillar near the arcade machine is 1 Quill, and by going onto the arcade machine and double jumping onto the pillar, the duo can double jump on top of the arcade machine to find another singular Quill.
  30. Above the Arcade Machine (3): By double jumping onto the nearby pillar near the arcade and then onto the top of the arcade machine, the duo can use the Lizard Leap ability onto another pillar that contains three Quills. It's possible for the duo to get these Quills without the Lizard Leap ability as well by jumping onto the rock wall border and climbing on top of the tallest rock and then jumping on top of the pillar.
  31. Across the Arcade Machine on a Pillar (1): Across the Arcade machine past the canal is a pilar with a singular Quill.
  32. Arc between the Tribalstack Monument and Rampo's Temple (3): On top of the arc between the Tribalstack Monument and Rampo's Temple are 3 Quills.
  33. Corner-side of the Tribalstack Monument (2): In the corner of the Triblastack Monument by a lone tree with a pink Plant Bulb next to it is a crate and a barrel that contains two Quills on top of the crates
  34. Trail to the second floor of the Tribalstack Monument (5): On the way up to the second floor of the Tribalstack Monument are 5 quills.


  1. Path to the Tribalstack Shrine (3): Past the Tribal Village are three Quills before the player runs into Shovel Knight.
  2. Quill Tribalstack Shrine

    Yooka and Laylee finding a cleverly hidden quill around the Tribalstack Shrine.

    Around the Tribalstack Shrine (1): Past Shovel Knight and the small bridge is a split path, one of which goes around the shrine. After turning a corner, it seems like a dead end. However, if the player goes to the dead end and turns the camera around, they will find that the path keeps going and there's a hidden quill around the dead end corner.
  3. Under the Bridge at the Beginning of the Tribalstack Shrine (1): A singular Quill is hidden beneath a singular rotating platform near the beginning of the Tribalstack Shrine.
  4. Above the First Set of Rotating Platforms (1): At the beginning of the hike up to the top of the Tribalstack Shrine is the first set of rotating platforms. The middle platform of the set of three contains a singular quill above it. The quill can be grabbed by using the rotating platform as a height advantage.
  5. Second Set of Rotating Platforms (1): Before the second set of rotating platforms (first set that require the player to use Frostberries) is a singular Quill.
  6. Top of the Tribalstack Shrine (3): At the top of the Tribalstack Shrine are three Quills.
  7. Behind Rampo (3): After defeating Rampo, three quills can be found behind him.
  8. Broken Bridge (5): After the expansion, the broken bridge in between the Duke's Temple and the man-made canal near the arcade machine will be replaced with Smiley Platforms. In between are five quills.
  9. Inside the Monument (8): Inside of the monument is a total of 8 Quills. 3 Quills are located inside of the path right after the melted ice that was in the way. 3 more Quills are located near the end before the final slope. The other 2 Quills are located right across the Frostberry button.
  10. Tribalstack Monument Second Floor West Entrance (3): While on the second floor facing the front of the Tribalstack Monument, there are 3 Quills to the left (west) side on the small bridge.
  11. Tribalstack Monument Second Floor East Entrance (3): While on the second floor facing the front of the Tribalstack Monument, there are 3 Quills to the right (east) side on the small bridge.
  12. Tribalstack Monument Third Floor Spinning Platform (4): On the third floor of the Tribalstack monument, there is a button that can spin a tilted platform 360 degrees. There is a singular quill on top of the button, and 3 other Quills that can be collected by using the spinning platform.
  13. Tribalstack Monument's West-Side Floating Islands (7): During the Hoop Challenge on the floating islands near the fourth floor, multiple quills can be found.
  14. Tribalstack Monument Fourth Third to Floor Floor (5): When the player spins the tilted platform to the left side (facing away from the third floor entrance), they will have access to the entrance to the fourth floor. On their way, they can collect 5 Quills.
  15. Tribalstack Monument Fifth Floor Before the Wind (3): On the fifth floor where Kartos and the Wind Mr. Blowy's are located, before the windy section, 4 Quills are available to pick up.
  16. Tribalstack Monument Fifth Floor After the Wind (3): On the fifth floor where Kartos and the Wind Mr. Blowy's are located, after the windy section, 2 Quills are available to pick up. After the player goes on top of the Smiley Platform to get the the sixth floor, there is a singular quill at the sixth floor entrance.
  17. Tribalstack Monument Sixth Floor (3): Right when the player reaches the sixth (top) floor, there are two Quills right at the entrance. There is one more Quill on the way further to the top of the Monument.
  18. North Floating Islands (5): There are several floating islands that act as a bridge from the Tribalstack Monument and Nimbo's Mountain. On the bridge, there a total of 5 Quills.
  19. Nimbo's Mountain (7): On top of Nimbo's Mountain is 1 Quill, and another Quill lies on the stairs to the top. There are 3 Quills behind each Berry Bush, and 3 Quills on top of the bridge of the waterfall.
  20. Nimbo's Mountain Pond (5): At the bottom of Nimbo's Mountain is a pond with a current that blocks the underground entrance. The player can use the Buddy Bubble ability to enter an underground room with lots of water currents in it. Around the button that can stop the water current are 5 Quills.

Ghost Writers Edit

Ghost Writers
Ghost Writer Location
To the right (when facing the hill) of the spawnpoint are stair with quills. Normy appears at the end of the stairs.
On the north floating islands that's connected to Nimbo's Mountain.
At the end of the shallow waters next to the Corplet's Camp.
In the Tribalstack Forest which is located next to The Duke's Temple.
On top of a rock between The Duke's Temple and the spawnpoint. The frostberries to feed him is located near the wall in between the spawnpoint and Rampo's Temple.

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Other Collectibles
Collectible Location
Found on top of a pillar near Duke's Temple. It is accessed when the duo climb onto the third floor of the temple with some hovering platforms that lead to the pillar.

It is best accessed with the Glide or Flappy Flight.

Arcade Token
Play Coin
Inside of a hole in the the man-made section of the Tribalstack Canals on the east side of the map near the Arcade Machine.
Health Extender
Inside a small caged 2D maze found on the second floor. Facing the front side of the Tribalstack Monument, it's on the right (east) side while on the second floor.
Power Extender
On the very top of the Tribalstack Monument.
Pirate Treasure
Pirate Treasure

The duo Jumps from the bordering rocks onto the corner of Rampo's Temple, and then jumps into a hole inside the wall of the Temple to discover a mysterious Pirate Treasure.

Found inside of a hole in a wall on the back of Rampo's Temple.

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  • The beta version of Tribalstack Tropics shown in older videos showed a night version of the world. According to Gavin Price, it was originally used as a lighting test. However, the team liked how it looked and planned for a day and night cycle to be included in the expansion. However, the idea was soon scrapped.[1]

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