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The name "Tribal Corplet" is unofficial, and will be changed once an official name has been revealed.

The Tribal Corplet, also known as Junmin, is a common enemy found in Tribalstack Tropics. They naturally hop left and right, and if seen will try and act like they are scaring the duo.

Name Origin Edit

Tribal Corplets share the same model as Corplets and are simply reskinned versions of Corplets, except these are from Tribalstack Tropics.

Appearance Edit

Tribal Corplets are chubby violet gremlin-like creatures with a creme colored belly. They wear skull masks that cover the eyes and have small horns protruding from the top. Tribal Corplets have sharp claws, and jagged teeth and toenails on their small triangular feet. They also wear a thin ragged cloth over the top of their bodies but do not wear pants.

Personality Edit

Tries to act threatening towards Yooka and Laylee.

Variations Edit

Some Tribal Corplets can wear armor, just like the standard Corplets.

Abilities Edit

They can rush at the duo and perform contact damage.

Gallery Edit

Screenshots Edit

Trivia Edit

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