"Halt! The Great Rampo is not interested in thine door-to-door sales. Turn back or face thy doom!"
― Rampo

The Great Rampo is the post-expansion boss of Tribalstack Tropics. He is located across a bridge that is on the top of Rampo's Temple. Rampo attacks after mistaking the duo for window salesmen. Defeating this boss awards the "Slippery Slope" trophy/achievement.

Name Origin Edit

Rampo's name is simply "ramp" with an "o" at the end, similar to most names in the Banjo-Kazooie series.

Appearance Edit

Rampo is a brown rectangular stone creature made up of stone tiles with a mouth that only contains two visible teeth - one tooth on the top, and one tooth on the bottom. Rampo has a large orange eye that emits a little bit of light. There are nine squares surrounding the eye that pulsate in and out and spin. Rampo has bramble-like plant life growing off the top of him, with moss going down the rest of his body. He also has large stone shaped eyebrows.

Personality Edit

Rampo is aggressive and malicious toward Yooka and Laylee, trying to kill them with fire. He attacks the duo after mistaking them for window salesmen.

Strategy Edit

Stage One: To defeat Rampo, the player must first avoid any of the logs and fire he blasts. If the duo is hit by a log, they must make their way up the ramp again. If the duo makes it up to his domain, Rampo's teeth will appear, where the player must destroy them. After destroying his teeth, Rampo will blow the duo off of his ramp.

Stage Two: After the duo enrages him, the player must once again avoid the logs and make way up to his domain. Rampo will then blast fire from his mouth for a short while, and then four teeth will appear, where the player must yet again destroy them. Rampo will then blow the duo off of his ramp.

Stage Three: The duo must dodge the rolling logs one final time as they roll up the ramp. The logs are in a straight line this time, so the player must jump over the logs while rolling. Once the summit is reached, the player must knock out the five teeth that appear. When that is completed, Rampo will fall, defeated.

Location Edit

Rampo is located on top of Rampo's Temple, which is located on the west-side section of Tribalstack Tropics.

Note: Rampo can only be found after the player has expanded the world at the cost of 3 Pagies.

Quotes Edit

Entire Conversation Edit

Before the fight Edit

Entire Conversation.

"Urrgh! The Great Rampo has no need for double-glazed windows, sales-mortals!"


"We're not selling windows, we're hunting Pagies! I'm Yooka and this is Laylee."


"Silence! Great Rampo knows hustle when he reads it! You two have been bothering every character on this island with your so-called 'deals'."

"Prepare to be punished by my ancient slanty powers, annoying glass peddlers!

During the fight Edit

Entire Conversation.

Knocking out Rampo's Teeth once: Edit


"Arrgh! Great Rampo's winning smile is ruined!"

After blowing the duo off of the platform for the first time Edit


"Arrgh! Let's see how thy deal with this, mortal pests!"

Knocking out Rampo's Teeth Twice: Edit


"Arrgh! Stop! Great Rampo's dental payments are well overdue!

After blowing the duo off of the platform for a second time Edit


"The Great Rampo's Slope is for invited guests only. Stay away!"

After Buddy-Slamming Rampo's eye: Edit

Entire Conversation.

Buddy Slamming Rampo's Eye after he's defeated: Edit


"Arrrgh! Not my eyes! Great Rampo did not foresee such aggressive salesmanship!"

Gallery Edit

Early Edit

Artwork Edit

Screenshots Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • The stones on Rampo contain carvings of game controllers.
  • The nine stones surrounding his eye have "PLAYTONIC" carved on them.
  • Rampo dislikes salesmen, likely due to Trowzer scamming Rampo or other islanders with his 'deals'.
    • This is evidenced before Yooka and Laylee try to grab their first Pagie in Hivory Towers. Trowzer states: "I'd go [get the pagie] myself but I've got an important call coming up with the world 1 boss. He's after one of my sssuper moves."
      • Rampo likely has never met Trowzer, meaning there is no way he could have known Yooka and Laylee weren't him. Trowzer either called Rampo with one of his 'deals', or Trowzer made other shady deals with the other residents on Tribalstack Tropics, involving windows.

References Edit

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