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The Stationary Cupboard is the final area in the game. This area is located within Hivory Towers, and happens to be right above Capital B's Office. This area is where the player will battle the main antagonist of the game, Capital B. Once entering this room, Capital B will state that the duo had just entered his 'Personal Pulverization Chamber'. Yooka replies by stating that it said 'Stationary Cupboard on the elevator buttons'.

Appearance Edit

The room is rather large. It has a honeycomb pattern on the floor, the honeycombs appear to be made out of metal. The room's walls have multiple shelves holding up books. The walls are brick, and have large metal pipes stemming from floor-to-ceiling. The roof is completely made out of metal and does not seem retractable at first glance, however towards the final stages of the boss fight the roof opens up, and the floor raises. Once the roof has retracted, the battle is taken outside, where a pool of green liquid surrounds the main flooring. Dark ominous clouds can be seen surrounding the area.

Trivia Edit

  • This area's interior design is similar to Capital B's office.

Gallery Edit

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