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The Space Ship Form is a pirate ship transformation in Galleon Galaxy. Yooka and Laylee must speak to Dr. Puzz and use a Mollycool to power up her D.N.Ray, they will be able to transform. Once in Space Ship Form, the duo will have the ability to tread on water. The ship is also equipped with cannons, a flamethrower, and ice launchers.

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While in Space Ship Form, the duo assume the appearance of a pirate galleon. Yooka's body makes up the bow and the stern, while his eyes are on the steering wheel. The hull has six glowing portholes on the sides, an orange keel near bottom, and a large lantern on the back. Laylee's body forms the mast, the sails, and the crow's nest. The deck is equipped with three different cannons that shoot ice, fire, and bombs.

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