"Ssshoot sssuper sssonar ssshot to ssshow sssecrets!"

The Sonar Shot is an ability learned by Laylee that emits 1 ring of sound waves. This ability can activate objects, or stun enemies.

Uses Edit

When Laylee uses the Sonar Shot, certain objects in front of the duo will activate. Some examples include the Totem and Heidi, one of the Ghost Writers.

Description Image
Activating objects When used, Laylee emits a sound wave which activates objects in front of the duo. The duo can move around while using this.
Sonar Beam
Stunning enemies When used against enemies, the enemies will be stunned.

Controls Edit

Steam Edit

Press ALT Steam or VSteam to fire a sonar shot.

Xbox One Edit

Press XboxControllerButtonY to fire a sonar shot.

Playstation 4 Edit

Press Triangle PS4 to fire a sonar shot.

Nintendo Switch Edit

Gallery Edit

Screenshots Edit

Tips Edit

The Sonar Shot is the only ability that is necessary to defeat the Googly Eyes once they attach themselves onto an inanimate object.

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