The Sonar Shield is an ability that Laylee can use while Yooka is Rolling. Laylee forms a clear shield around the duo that can protect the duo from anything that hurts them (temporary invincibility). This ability allows the duo to damage enemies while using the Reptile Roll as well.

Controls Edit

GOG and Steam Edit

Xbox One Edit

Hold RTXboxOne to enter Reptile Roll, then press XboxControllerButtonY to activate the Sonar Shield.

Playstation 4 Edit

Hold R2 PS4 to enter Reptile Roll, then press Triangle PS4 to activate the Sonar Shield.

Nintendo Switch Edit

Tips Edit

  • Using this ability while traversing land can be helpful since it allows the Reptile Roll to deal damage. The duo can hit non-leader Corplets and defeat them in 1 hit and possibly collect a butterfly from the defeated corplet for energy the to keep rolling.

Trivia Edit

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