Snowplough Form is a snowplough transformation within Glitterglaze Glacier. While in Snowplough Form, Yooka and Laylee can use the blade of the Snowplough Form's body to remove snow to reveal hidden objects trapped underneath. If the duo comes into contact with water while in this form, then the duo will revert back to their normal form.

Appearance Edit

While in Snowplough Form, the duo shares a large red blade in front of the vehicle. The grille of the Snowplough is purple, while the rest of the vehicle is mostly colored to the likes of Yooka. The vehicle has four silver wheels with black tires. The head of the vehicle has Yooka's red marking in the back part.

Collectibles Edit

Naked Snowman's Pants

Witch Snowman's hat

Gentleman Snowman's hat

Shiver E. Timbers' hat

Cowboy Snowman's hat

Gallery Edit


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