The Snow Corplets are common enemies that occupy Glitterglaze Glacier. They were created by Dr. Quack as variations of the normal Corplet for Glitterglaze Glacier.

It is possible for a Snow Corplet to wear a Sergeant hat, which will provide them with two health, compared to the normal one health Snow Corplets. When all nearby Sergeant Corplets are defeated, all normal Snow Corplets will shudder in fear and staying in place which makes them open to attack.

Name Origin Edit

Snow Corplets have the same name origin of the normal Corplets. Corplet is a play-on-words on the word "corporation" and the suffix "-let." "Corporation" refers to Capital B's business motives, and the suffix "-let" refers to an offspring of a species (such as piglet). Corplets are Capital B's lowest ranked employees on the promotion ladder.

Appearance Edit

The Snow Corplet has bright glow-in-the-dark yellow eyes as well as a large grin on its face. Its body is mostly covered in white fur. Its hands and feet are blue.

Personality Edit

Like normal Corplets, Snow Corplets are brave and reckless, and they follow their leader: the Sergeant Corplet. They are very easily surprised when they see an enemy. If the Sergeant Corplet is defeated, the rest of the Corplets cower for a few seconds.

Basic Variations Edit

Name Description Behavior Health Damage Image
Normal A normal Corplet. No special traits Corplets will run around in random directions. When they spot the duo, they back up, then growl before charging. They will shake their fist in the air if they miss, then back up and charge again. If the Sergeant Corplet is defeated, nearby normal Corplets will cower before attacking again. They will sometimes avoid the player's attacks as well. 1 1
Sergeant Corplet A Corplet that wears a Sergeant hat. There is a 5% chance that the hat will be replaced by green shorts. Sergeant Corplets have the same behavior as normal Corplets. They will run in random directions, and attack the duo after growling. However, since they do not cower in fear if another Sergeant Corplet is defeated nearby. 2 1

World Variations Edit

There are a total of six different variations of Corplets, all containing the same behavior and stats.

Name & Image Description Location
Corplet 2
A basic blue Corplet that is often found roaming around Hivory Towers or Shipwreck Creek. Hivory Towers
Tribal Corplet
Tribalstack Corplet
Violet Corplets that wear skulls on their head, and populate all of Tribalstack Tropics. They also live in the Tribal Village, where they attempt to cook Clara. Tribalstack Tropics
Snow Corplet
Snow Minion
White Corplets with fur that populates in the icy regions of Glitterglaze Glacier. They also established an igloo village with Googly Eyes and Bizzy Bees, where they kidnap Potty Mouth from Clara. Glitterglaze Glacier
Swamp Corplet
SwampMinion posed
Corplets with mushrooms growing on them. They populate Moodymaze Marsh. Moodymaze Marsh
Cashino Corplet
Cashino Corplet
Robotic Corplets in the shape of a deck of cards with Casino Chips as arms and legs. They guard regions of Capital Cashino. Capital Cashino
Cosmic Corplet
Kozmic Corplets
Space Corplets in the shape of brains that occupy different areas in Galleon Galaxy. Galleon Galaxy

Abilities Edit

Name Description Image
Charge After spotting the player, they will yell with their hands in the air, and then charge at the player, damaging the player if they make contact. However, this ability can be countered by any offensive ability.
Run Away At random, a Corplet can make distance between them and the player by running a few feet away.
Cower If all nearby Sergeant Corplets are defeated, all nearby normal Corplets will cower in fear for a few seconds. This disables their ability to move or use any other ability, completely exposing them to direct hits.

History Edit

The snow corplet is simply one of the five variations of Capital B's minions, known as Corplets. In the Beta of the game, however, all of the Grand Tomes and Hivory Towers had the same type of Corplet- the one that roams Hivory Towers.

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