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The Slot Bandits are NPCs found throughout Capital Cashino. They most often host special minigames throughout the Casino.

Some slot bandits request for help. One of which asks Yooka and Laylee to retrieve his 'Special Card'.

Name Origin Edit

Another slang term for a slot machine is a "one armed bandit." The Slot Bandits work for Capital B and provide mini games that are meant to be unfair, and therefore have the word "Bandits" as part of their name since they cheat the ones who play their Casino games.

Appearance Edit

The Slot Bandits are golden slot machines with fancy gold embroidering on the front. They have a red bandana around the middle, and an eye base with two pupils attached at the top, that appears to look sad. To the right, he has a handle, and to the left is a round circular device with a red center.

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Quotes Edit

  • "That's it... My 'special' card! Bring it back here, quick!"

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