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"Pay no mind, peasant! I’m on official knight business and need no help from a common lizard."
― Sir Shootsalot

Sir Shootsalot is a character in Yooka-Laylee and is one of the Knights of Hamalot. Sir Shootsalot asks Yooka and Laylee to perform a variety of tasks throughout the game.

Name Origin Edit

The name Sir Shootsalot most likely comes from the fact that he both carries and uses a bow wherever he goes. He also uses his bow to shoot arrows at enemies.

Appearance Edit

Sir Shootsalot is a tall pig with small tusks, like a warthog. He wears a red jumpsuit with red and yellow armor. He shares a hat with the same color pallet as his armor. He wears orange boots, along with orange gloves to match. Sir Shootsalot's signature item is his bow; in which he shoots plungers.

Personality Edit

When the player first encounters Sir Shootsalot, he is nervous about giving away his identity, claiming that he is just a "bird watcher."

Task Edit

Tribalstack Tropics: Edit

Speak to the Knights of Hamalot in the following order: Sir Scoffsalot, Lady Lootsalot, Sir Shootsalot, and Lady Leapalot.

Capital Cashino: Edit

Escort him to the golf course. The ring is on top of one of the trees.

Galleon Galaxy: Edit

Steal his keys.

Locations Edit

Tribalstack Tropics Edit

  • Near the Arcade Machine.

Capital Cashino Edit

  • Near Dr. Puzz.

Galleon Galaxy Edit

  • From the front point-of-view of the Arcade Machine, directly east of the Arcade Machine.

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Tribalstack Tropics Edit

Development Edit

  • Sir Shootsalot was first revealed by Playtonic Games during the Character of the Day event on Monday, March 13, 2017 on Twitter.[1]

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