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"They're weakened... now's my chance!"
― Schell

Schell is an NPC found in Galleon Galaxy. She instructs the duo to infiltrate the UFO to deactivate the force field. During her mission, the duo must make their way across a long path suited with defensive force fields.

Name Origin Edit

The name "Schell" is a play on words of the word "shell" which is a hard covering of an animal. Her space ship contains a shell. Her armor could also act as a "shell" from danger.

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Schell wears a pink and chrome armored spacesuit. She has white hair, and wears some sort of a scouter like device over her left eye.

Personality Edit

Schell acts friendly towards the duo, and is determined to accomplish her mission.

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  • This character has a design reminiscent to that of a previous Rare Ltd. title, Jet Force Gemini.

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