Rusto is a giant metal robot found in Galleon Galaxy. The duo are required to interact with him to earn a Pagie.

Appearance Edit

Rusto is a massive metal robot who resides on a rock. As his name implies, Rusto is coated in rust. He has glowing neon blue eyes while his hull consists of a mostly copper metal. All of Rusto's parts are bolted in with rivets, giving him an industrial look.

Points of Interest Edit

  • Inside Rusto
  • Rusto's arm

Quest Edit

Inside of Rusto is a battery, which Yooka must use Slurp State on to become Charged Yooka in order to activate Rusto's arm to bring a frozen Pagie to the front of his mouth. Inside is also a fire pit, which must be lit by using the Fire Yooka form by Slurp Shotting a pit outside of Rusto. By doing these two things, the Pagie in his hand will be melted.

Collectibles Edit

Gallery Edit

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