Rampo's Sacred Treasure Room is a hidden treasure room inside of Rampo's Temple. The entrance is found on the bottom floor in the Tribalstack Canal passageway. The room contains a Pagie in a Cagie and a large amount of gold coins, chests, and gems. Lady Leapalot is found in this room after speaking to Sir Shootsalot.

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  1. Locate all members of the Knights of Hamalot: Speak to Sir Scoffsalot in the Tribalstack Forest and accept his quest. After, speak to Lady Lootsalot under the tilted bridge which serves as the entrance to the Corplet Camp by the world entrance. After that, speak to Sir Shootsalot near the behind the Arcade Machine which is on the east-side of Tribalstack Tropics by the man-made canal. Lastly, speak to Lady Leapalot in Rampo's Treasure Chamber, which is located inside of the canal that goes through Rampo's Temple. The Pagie in a Cagie will open, allowing the duo to collect the Pagie.

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  1. Rampo's Treasure Chamber Chests (3): Inside of Rampo's Treasure Chamber are three chests, each containing a singular Quill.

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