Potty Mouth is tribal-themed antique anthropomorphic talking pot that appears in Tribalstack Tropics and Glitterglaze Glacier. In Tribalstack Tropics, Clara is being held captive inside of him. However, in Glitterglaze Glacier, Clara is separate from him.

Name Origin Edit

Potty Mouth is a pot which has a mouth. A potty mouth is also someone who swears a lot, which alludes to him making fun of Clara.

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The Potty Mouth is rather large. It is mostly crimson, with the odd yellow trim here and there. It has a tribal-styled face with fire blazing behind it, to give it a Jack-O-Lantern look. Potty Mouth itself is held up by long bones, tied together with twine.

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  • "If they're hungry they'll need a character a bit more fleshed out than you, love."

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Tribalstack Tropics Edit

Tribalstack Tropics Conversation

First time meeting Clara Edit


"She's looking a bit malnourished..."


"Cripes! Thank goodness you're here! I've been kidnapped by these... things, and they're going to cook me!"

Potty Mouth:

"If they're hungry they'll need a character a bit more fleshed out than you, love."


"Gosh! It seems you just can't be a world class explorer these days without being cooked and eaten..."

"Help me escape and I'll reward you with a Pagie! But be quick... My captors will be back any minute with their condiments!"


Glitterglaze Glacier Conversation

First time meeting Clara Edit


"Oh, thank goodness help has arrived! The nearby tribe of monsters is holding a rather valuable artifact hostage."


"You mean that smelly old pot? That's about as valuable as Yooka's old socks"


"That pot is antique, I'll have you know!"

Potty Mouth:

"Oi! What did you call me?!"


"Please help! The tribe are preparing for dinner inside their homes. You'll need to pound their roofs in if we have any chance of escape!"


"Alright, Dr. Bones... We'll help. Unlike you, we've got the stomach for this adventure game."

Development Edit

  • Potty Mouth did not seem to appear in concept art. However, over time, Playtonic Games changed a campfire that Clara was originally going to be cooked over into a cooking pot, which became Potty Mouth.

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  • Clara makes an appearance in Moodymaze Marsh, but Potty Mouth does not appear with her.

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