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Play Tonics, also referred to as Tonics, are unlockable game modifiers in Yooka-Laylee that allow Yooka and Laylee to upgrade themselves by enhancing their stats and abilities. The tonics can also provide different entertaining graphical effects to the game.[1]

The player can obtain these Play Tonics from an in-game NPC named Vendi. Only one Play Tonic upgrade can be used at a time.

All Tonics Edit

  • Wellard - Collect 5 Pagies.
  • Super Slam - Stun 30 enemies.
  • Livewire - Beat Rextro's high score on 3 machines.
  • Hoarder - Collect 300 Quills.
  • Hunter - Collect 2 Health or 2 Power Extenders.
  • Peekaboo - Defeat 10 Corplet Security enemies.
  • Helium - Finish the Yooka-Laylee story.
  • 64-Bit - Back in stock soon... (To be released in a future update)
  • Baller - Defeat 100 enemies.
  • Bruiser - Collect 10 pagies in Hivory Towers.
  • Fallproof - Collect 10 Ghost Writers.
  • Salmon - Defeat 10 underwater enemies.
  • Loaded - Collect 15 Ghost Writers.
  • Butterthree - Finish the Yooka-Laylee story.
  • Athlete - Defeat Capital B at the end of the game.
  • Pants - Collect every Pagie in-game.

Effects Edit

Vendi Tonics
  • Wellard - Extra Butterfly Energy.
  • Super Slam - Upgraded version of the Buddy Slam.
  • Livewire - Power Meter regenerates faster.
  • Hoarder - Collect Quills with Yooka's Lizard Lash.
  • Hunter - A sound effect is made when near rare items.
  • Peekaboo - Yooka's Camo Cloak lasts longer.
  • Helium - Voice sound effects from all NPCs get high pitched.
  • 64-Bit - The graphics become 64-bit.
  • Baller - Reptile Roll move uses less power.
  • Bruiser - Gain extra health from butterflies.
  • Fallproof - Prevents fall damage.
  • Salmon - Longer breathing time underwater.
  • Loaded - More ammo from Berry Bushes!
  • Butterthree - The duo has three units of butterfly energy.
  • Athlete - Extended power meter.
  • Pants - Yooka wears a pair of pants.

Name OriginEdit

Play Tonics were named after the company developing the game Yooka-Laylee, Playtonic Games. Tonics are also a type of carbonated water beverage, fitting in with the potion theme.

Trivia Edit

  • Play Tonics are most similar to Cheato Pages from Banjo-Tooie. Both collectibles give you an advantage in the game, such as the ability to swim faster.
Spoiler Warning!
  • There are also Tonics not offered by Vendi. In the final boss battle with Capital B, he drinks a growth tonic.
Tonic (Bee)

Capital B's growth tonic. This is also the first time a play tonic is physically seen in-game.

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