Pentagonal Peak is a man-made hill located next to and below the Igloo Cliffs, in Glitterglaze Glacier.

On the shore, Snow Corplets and Bizzy Bees wander around, with a small wooden dock that the player can jump off from in order to reach a giant piece of ice on the Glitterglaze Lake, which is also near Heidi who is located underwater below the Igloo Cliffs. On the shore itself, a Frostberry can be found hiding in the corner of the hill near the small wooden dock. On the opposite end of the dock, Kartos and his track can be found. Past Kartos are metal cannonballs that Yooka may use the Slurp State ability on to transform into Metal Yooka to climb the windy hills of the Pentagonal Peak.

The hill consists of numerous wind Mr. Blowys, steep pentagonal-shaped hills, Snow Corplets, a singular Corplet Drone, and a few buttons.

Points of Interest Edit

  • Pentagonal Peak Hill
  • Pentagonal Peak Shore
    • The lowest level of this area.
    • Kartos is located here

Location of Characters Edit

Character Location
On the shore of Pentagonal Peak and on the opposite side across the small wooden dock. Kartos is hiding around a few rocks near the cannonballs.

Collectibles Edit

Pagies Edit



  1. Climb Pentagonal Peak: Pentagonal Peak challenges the duo with windy hills caused by multiple Mr. Blowys'. A button a located on the bottom of the hill near Kartos. After the button is pressed, another button will arise to be pressed as well. Before using the Lizard Leap onto the next platform, the player has the option to to use the Slurp State ability on a cannonball on the corner of the shore to turn into Metal Yooka to surpass the heavy winds. However, this is not required since the Mr. Blowys' stop for a few seconds after blowing wind. The second button is located on top of the first Mr. Blowy. Once the second button is pressed, another button will arise to be pressed. Once the third button is pressed, the final button will arise to be pressed. Once the fourth and final button has been pressed, the Pagie in a Cagie will open, and the Pagie will be available for the duo to collect.
  2. Complete the Kartos Challenge: During the Kartos Challenge, the player must collect 100 Gems during the challenge in order to receive a Pagie. This specific Kartos Challenge allows the player to learn that they can jump on top of Corplet Drones for gain more height.

Quills Edit



  1. Second floor on the hill (2): On above the first button, and on the same floor of the first Mr. Blowy are 2 Quills found in the gust.
  2. Third floor of the hill (1): On the third floor near the second button which is on top of the first Mr. Blowy.
  3. Fourth floor of the hill (1): Located on the fourth floor of the hill near the Corplet Drone.

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