The Pause Screen Music is the theme that plays while the player suspends the game by entering the pause menu. This track can only be heard while in the pause screen.

Instrumentation and Analysis Edit

This piece is a variation of the melody from the Yooka-Laylee Main Theme (Title). The piece is set in the key of C in 4/4 time.

The melody - played by marimba - is accompanied by pizzicato strings. The only percussion in the whole piece is tambourine, which is hit on every third beat of each measure.

History Edit

The original version of the game did not have the music yet, mostly due to time constraints- it was added several months post-release in the The Spit 'N' Polish Update. It was added thanks to player feedback on the Steam forums.

Trivia Edit

  • Like the pause music from Banjo-Kazooie, the pause screen music is a slowed down version of the main theme.
  • The theme was added in the Spit N' Polish update, along with many other things.
    • Pre-Spin N' Polish update, the current world's/boss' music would continue playing in the Pause menu.

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