A Pagie in a Cagie, also referred to as a Cagie, is a Pagie locked inside a steel cage with a wooden lid composing of steel bolts, requires a certain task to be completed to unlock. If the task or objective is completed, the top part of the cage will open, and Yooka and Laylee can jump inside to grab the Pagie.

Appearance Edit

The top of the cage is made out of wood and is held together with bent steel strips and rivets, while the lower half consists of long narrow steel bars as well as a steel platform at the bottom. The top of the cage looks a lot like a treasure chest.

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Trivia Edit

  • In Tribalstack Tropics, near Kartos, there is a section where the player must go through windy Mr. Blowys. At the end, by talking to the pagie in a cagie, it is revealed the Pagies are aware that the duo must complete tasks before they can get out, breaking the fourth wall.
    • In Glitterglaze Glacier, inside of the Icymetric Palace, there is a Pagie in a Cagie that gives a quiz based on things found around a flooded room.
      • In Galleon Galaxy, there is a Pagie who's cage is broken. The Pagie remarks that he will just try to "slide out," meaning that throughout the whole game, any Pagie in a Cagie can simply exit themselves without help from the duo.