Hmm... Hello. I'm Nimbo, world's big cloud.

Nimbo is a cloud who lives in Tribalstack Tropics on top of Nimbo's Mountain. Due to the stress obtained from Nimbo's wife leaving him for a typhoon, he struggles to pass water. Nimbo requires Yooka's and Laylee's help in passing water. In return, he helps the duo in their adventure by changing the Tribalstack Canals' environmental state.

If Yooka consumes a Splashberry, he will be able to spew water onto Nimbo. This will cause Nimbo to precipitate water into the pond below. The water from the pond will empty into a dried riverbed in Tribalstack Tropics. This will unlock an entire new underwater section for the duo to explore. There are no other uses for the water form of the canal other than it being a step for the ice version and an optional way to retrieve the Arcade Coin.

If Yooka consumes a Frostberry, he will be able to breathe ice onto Nimbo. This will cause Nimbo to precipitate snow into the pond. The snow from the pond will empty into the riverbed in Tribalstack Tropics. This will create a more difficult race against Nimbo's niece, Nimble.

If Yooka consumes a Scorchberry, he will be able to breathe fire onto Nimbo. This will cause Nimbo to evaporate all the water or snow from the pond and riverbed.

In Tribalstack Tropics, he is found on top of a waterfall, and will not be accessible until after the expansion.[1]

Name Origin Edit

The name Nimbo is like a nimbus cloud. In real life, a nimbus cloud is a cloud that produces precipitation.

Appearance Edit

Nimbo is a large, white cloud who has two blue eyes and a big mouth. His eyes' pupils are black. When angry or precipitating, his overall appearance is a darker shade of gray.

Personality Edit

Quotes Edit

After precipitating Edit

  • "Hmm... Nimbo's been holding that one for ages!,"
  • "Hmm...that vapour went straight through Nimbo!"

After snowing Edit

  • "Hmm...Chilly! that's caused a movement!..."

After evaporating Edit

  • "Hmm...That was alot of water!"

Gallery Edit


Trivia Edit

  • Nimbo not being able to pass water may also allude to the condition urinary retention, a condition where it becomes difficult to urinate due to blockage or stress. Nimbo says he's been "in knots," or stressed since his wife left him. This may be the cause of his inability to pass water.

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