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The Naked Snowman is a minor character found in Yooka-Laylee. Like the other snowmen in Glitterglaze Glacier, he wants Yooka and Laylee to retrieve his hat for him. In this particular case, his hat is a pair of pants.

Name Origin Edit

Appearance Edit

The Naked snowman is a tall white snowman with three buttons and sticks for arms. He wears nothing but a single leaf, to hide his dignity. He desperately needs his pants back because he states that it's far too cold.

Personality Edit

The Naked Snowman is very nervous, he constantly tells the duo not to stare at him and states that he feels exposed.

Location Edit

The Naked Snowman is located inside the Frozen Path. He is right by the exit of the Frozen Path to the Igloo Cliffs.

Task Edit

Quotes Edit

  • "Wahey!"

Entire Conversation Edit

Entire Conversation.

First time meeting the Snowman Edit

Naked Snowman:

"Cor, a blizzard's gone and blown me hat away!"

Collecting his hat Edit

Naked Snowman:

"Wahey! Bring that here and I'll give you a massive hug."

Returning his hat Edit

Naked Snowman:

"Wahey! They'll finally let me back in public with this!"

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Trivia Edit

  • Retrieving an insufficient amount of hats for the snowmen to finish the quest and exiting the level will result in all of the quest's progress being erased; therefore, it is advised that one try finish the quest in one visit of the world.

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