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Moonie is Planette's husband in Galleon Galaxy and acts as the main trigger for the Planette boss fight. Moonie is found in Galleon Galaxy.

Moonie will request Yooka and Laylee (in their Space Ship transformation) to fire their cannon at him and blow away some microscopic organisms on his back that are giving him an itch. Unfortunately, Moonie is blown apart by the cannon's projectile, much to the horror of the heroes and Moonie's wife.

Name Origin Edit

The name "Moonie" is a play-on-words of the word "moon" which is what he is. It may also be a reference to his behind, which resembles a large posterior.


Personality Edit

A genial, friendly sort, Moonie strikes up a pleasant conversation with the pair when first meeting them before politely asking if they would help him with an itch he is incapable of scratching. It is also safe to assume he was a good, attentive husband, as his wife flies into a murderous rage when he is unintentionally and unexpectedly killed by Yooka and Laylee.

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