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Moodymaze Marsh is the third world in Yooka-Laylee. It is mostly a water-themed world that consists of bridges, green fog, and small islands. The world has a large maze as its primary structure.

Expanding the world will unlock several more islands for the duo to explore.

Points of Interest Edit

Maps Edit

Location of Characters Edit

Character Location
Under a large mushroom near a large cluster of red-topped mushrooms.
Vendi Transparent
Under a large mushroom near a large cluster of red-topped mushrooms.
Dr. Puzz
Dr. Puzz
In swamp area away from the platforms near the Lizard Lash timed button challenge on stacks, must clear water of muck to transform.
Rextro Sixtyfourus
Close to Jolly the Trolley's swamp lake.
Behind the entrance of Moodymaze Bunker.
Standing near a mushroom garden.
Clara Body-0
Next to the pipe leading to the Foggy Pit.

Collectibles Edit

Pagies Edit



  1. Complete the Kartos Challenge: Speak to Kartos. Collect 125 gems.
  2. Defeat Trev the Tenteyecle:
  3. Complete Ollie the Trolley's maze mission: Talk to Ollie, and complete his maze mission.
  4. Solve the Pumping Plant puzzle: Use the switches to guide the block through the puzzle.
  5. Underwater Pagie: There is an underwater timed mission where the player must race towards a Pagie in a Cagie within a small amount of time.
  6. Scale the tree: Use the Lizard Lash ability to scale a tree.
  7. Hanging Pagie: Use the Sonar 'Splosion ability on a nearby ice cube to access Flameberries. Breathe fire into the furnace pipeline to free the Pagie.
  8. Cage Match: Make your way to the platform with a hoard of Corplets. A massive cage will fall onto the arena when you initiate the fight. Kill all of the Corplets to unlock the Pagie in a Cagie.
  9. Remove a fungus from Wally the Trolley's garden: Use the Sonar 'Splosion ability to take out multiple mushrooms at once.
  10. Complete the Hoop challenge:
  11. Complete the timed platforming challenge:
  12. Get Clara's gem for her:
  13. Complete Jolly's switch mission: Hit various switches within a time limit to earn a Pagie.
  14. Barbed Vines: While in the Piranha Form, there will be a patch of barbed vines underwater. The duo can then collect the page by swimming through the vines.
  15. Rescue Dolly the Trolley: While in the Piranha Form, enter the Dusky Duct and search for a trolley crushed by bones. Free Dolly from underneath the rubble to earn a Pagie.
  16. Collect all five Ghost Writers:
  17. Collect the seeds for Planker:
  18. Travel through the Murky Passage:
  19. Swampy Station: Enter via tube in same pond near Dr. Puzz, you will need Reptile Rush.

Quills Edit

  • Swampy Station (9): Requires 'Reptile Roll'

Ghost Writers Edit

Ghost Writers
Ghost Writer Location
In the area with three log flows, follow them to the end then follow some platforms to the right.
Use the Lizard Lash to climb up the ramp near Trowzer.
In the Swampy Station, when you enter out of the water head to the left of them room and he's in the pond.
In the thorned area with blue mushrooms near the Pumping Plant.
On top of the Wind Mr. Blowy.

Other Collectibles Edit

Other Collectibles
Collectible Location
In the same Pool as Dr. Puzz. Clear the mushrooms from the cap of a large pipe causing the top to float off and free the Mollycool.
Arcade Token
Play Coin
On a platform connected to a tree.
Health Extender
Underwater inside a cube, use Sonar 'Splosion to break it.
Power Extender
The Power Extender for this world is located on top of a pipe above the spinning platform with flame jets (see screenshots).
Pirate Treasure
Pirate Treasure
Use Flappy Flight to get to the top of the Pumping Plant where this can be found.

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Trivia Edit

  • Before being confirmed, the Toybox+ Demo's source code suggested the existence of a swamp-themed world. Older concept arts showed a primitive swamp level as well.

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Locations in Moodymaze Marsh
Moodymaze MarshDusky DuctFoggy PitHotswitch HollowMoodymaze BunkerMoodymaze LabyrinthMoodymaze LagoonMoodymaze TreetopsMurky PassageMushroom PatchPlanker's GardenPumping PlantSwampy StationUnderwater Passage

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