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Moodymaze Marsh is the third world in Yooka-Laylee. It is mostly a water-themed world that consists of bridges, green fog, and small islands. The world has a large maze as its primary structure.

Expanding the world will unlock several more islands for the duo to explore.

Points of Interest Edit

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Location of Characters Edit

Character Location
Under a large mushroom near a large cluster of red-topped mushrooms.
Vendi Transparent
Under a large mushroom near a large cluster of red-topped mushrooms.
Dr. Puzz
Dr. Puzz
In swamp area away from the platforms near the Lizard Lash timed button challenge on stacks, must clear water of muck to transform.
Rextro Sixtyfourus
Close to Jolly the Trolley's swamp lake.
Behind the entrance of Moodymaze Bunker.
Standing near a mushroom garden.
Clara Body-0
Next to the pipe leading to the Foggy Pit.

Collectibles Edit

Pagies Edit



  1. Trapped Pagie: Near Trowzer there is a Pagie in a trap. Buddy Slam the switch, and jump over to it without touching the water.
  2. Underwater Pagie: There is an underwater timed mission where the player must race towards a Pagie in a Cagie within a small amount of time. Located in the pond near the entrance to the world.
  3. Complete Ollie the Trolley's maze mission: Talk to Ollie, and complete his maze mission. Located behind Trowzer.
  4. Remove a fungus from Wally the Trolley's garden: Use the Sonar 'Splosion ability to take out multiple mushrooms at once. Located behind Trowzer.
  5. Solve the Pumping Plant puzzle: Use the switches to guide the block through the puzzle. Located in the second area of the world, just out of the pond for the underwater timed Pagie.
  6. Scale the tree: Use the Lizard Lash ability to scale a tree. Located near the Pumping Plant.
  7. Complete Jolly's switch mission: Hit various switches within a time limit to earn a Pagie. Located directly after the floating logs.
  8. Swampy Station: Enter via pipe (the one that doesn't have bubbles coming out of it) in same pond near Dr. Puzz. You will need Reptile Rush.
  9. Travel through the Murky Passage: Enter via pipe (the one that has bubbles coming out of it) in same pond near Dr. Puzz.
  10. Barbed Vines: While in the Piranha Form, there will be a patch of barbed vines underwater. The duo can then collect the Pagie by swimming through the vines.
  11. Rescue Dolly the Trolley: While in the Piranha Form, enter the Dusky Duct (small pipe with thorns in front of it). Navigate to the end to find Dolly the Trolley being crushed by bones. Free him to earn a Pagie.
  12. Hanging Pagie: Use the Sonar 'Splosion ability on a nearby ice cube to access Flameberries. Breathe fire into the furnace pipeline to free the Pagie. Located to your left just after crossing the floating logs.
  13. Complete Rextro's Arcade Game: Successfully complete Rextro's arcade game, Bee Bop, one time.
  14. Complete Rextro's Arcade Game with a high score: Successfully complete Rextro's arcade game, Bee Bop, a second time with a score greater than 4000.
  15. Complete the Kartos Challenge: Speak to Kartos. Collect 125 gems. Located behind the Moodymaze Bunker boss lair.
  16. Defeat Trev the Tenteyecle: Located in the Moodymaze Bunker at the back of the world.


  1. Cage Match: Make your way to the platform with a hoard of Corplets. A massive cage will fall onto the arena when you initiate the fight. Kill all of the Corplets to unlock the Pagie in a Cagie.
  2. Lizard Lash, fire platform challenge: Around the lake that has an island in the middle, you will see a small dock leading to a Lizard Lash hotspot. Follow the platforms to come to a fire that you can use Slurp State on. Back track a bit to find a switch that unlocks the Pagie in a Cagie.
  3. Complete the timed platforming challenge: In one corner of the lake, there will be a ramp platform that sinks when you roll on it. Go into the pipe and Buddy Slam the switch to start the challenge.
  4. Get Clara's gem for her: Outside of a big pipe at the lake, you will find Clara. She wants you to collect a gem for her inside. Go in and use Sonar 'Splosion on a Googly Eyes to obtain it.
  5. Complete the Hoop challenge: Around the lake, you will see a platform that has a pumpkin on it. He will want you to complete the Lizard Lash hoop challenge to unlock the Pagie in a Cagie.
  6. Hotswitch Hollow: There is a pipe in the lake that serves as the entrance to the Hotswitch Hollow. Inside, you will need to complete 4 rooms where you must step on all the switches quick enough so that none of them deactivate.
  7. Collect the seeds for Planker: Past the lake, you will find a little island with Planker on it. This time he wants you to plant 3 seeds for him. Knock the seeds off of the trees and use your Lizard Lash ability to drag them into their holes.
  8. Collect all five Ghost Writers
  9. Collect all 200 quills

Quills Edit



  1. Right after entrance (3): As soon as you enter the world, go under the water. There are 3 quills on the way to the other side.
  2. On the surface on the other side (3): Right when you exit the water from above, there are 3 quills.
  3. On top of the mushroom that Trowzer is under (1): Right on top of the mushroom that Trowzer is under.
  4. Floating raft by the Trapped Pagie (1): On a raft that is floating between the Trapped Pagie and the switch.
  5. Wodden walkway near Trowzer (3): Above Trowzer to the left is a Lizard Lash hotspot on a wooden walkway. There are 3 quills here.
  6. Other side of the wooden walkway (4): On the same walkway, on the other side of the pond by the Trapped Pagie, leading down to another pond, there are 4 more quills.
  7. Behind the pond (3): Behind that same pond are 3 more quills.
  8. Around the switch for the underwater Pagie (5): Inside that pond, there are 5 quills.
  9. Path from Trowzer to Ollie (5): If you go along the bridge from Trowzer to Ollie, you will find 5 quills.
  10. Next to Ollie's Maze (3): Right along the perimeter of Ollie's Maze, there are 3 quills.
  11. Bridge between Ollie and Wally (3): There are 3 quills on the bridge between Ollie's Maze and Wally's patch.
  12. Bridge between Trowzer and Wally (3): There are 3 quills on the bridge between Wally's patch and Trowzer.
  13. Behind the Trapped Pagie (6): On the path right behind the Trapped Pagie are 6 quills.
  14. Right after you exit the water from the timed challenge (9): As soon as you exit the water, there are 3 quills on the pipe behind you, 3 quills on the path ahead of you, and 3 quills on the steps leading up to the Lizard Lash course.
  15. Lizard Lash Course (4): Right on the treetops on the Lizard Lash course are 4 quills.
  16. Right next to the beginning of the Lizard Lash Course (2): There are 2 quills right next to the beginning of the Lizard Lash course on a wooden platform.
  17. Thorny area with blue mushrooms (3): In that thorny area where the Blue Ghost Writer is, there are 3 quills.
  18. Floating Logs (9): There are 9 quills at the floating logs: 3 on the path leading to them, and 6 on the water where the logs actually float.
  19. Just after the floating logs to the right (6): Just after these floating logs, take a right towards Jolly and you will find 6 quills.
  20. Just after the floating logs to the left (3): Just after these floating logs, take a left to see some lily pads, there are 3 quills on them.
  21. During Jolly's switch challenge (4): After you talk to Jolly and the platform in the middle is lowered, there are 4 quills on the treetops during the challenge.
  22. In the Lake that gets cleaned out (9): In the lake that gets cleaned out, there are 9 quills: 3 under the middle tree, 3 in the pipe leading to the Murky Passage, and 3 in the pipe leading to the Swampy Station.
  23. Murky Passage (10): There are 10 quills in the Murky Passage. They are all right along the path, and very hard to miss.
  24. Swampy Station (12): In the Swampy Station, there are 12 quills: 3 in the first room, 3 in the second room, 3 in the third room, and 3 in the fourth room.
  25. Platforms on the perimeter of the lake (3): From Jolly, jump towards the back of the map and you will see 3 quills on platforms jutting from the wall of the cliff.
  26. Bridge to Rextro's Arcade (3): There are 3 quills on the bridge to Rextro's Arcade.
  27. Behind Rextro's Arcade (3): Behind Rextro's Arcade are 3 quills on top of sinking mushrooms.
  28. Near Trev the Tenteyecle's Lair (7): There are 4 quills on the bridge leading up to Trev's Lair, and 3 right at the entrance.


  1. Bridge of logs leading to the new area (6): Continue past Trowzer to find them.
  2. Leading to the Cage Match Pagie (6): There are 3 just before the first smiley face platform, and 3 jumping to the Cage Match platform.
  3. Lily pads leading to the next area (3): Continue on this path to find the lily pads.
  4. Buildings that have the Lizard Lash pull-out platforms (6): There are 3 buildings here that have 2 quills each on them.
  5. Dock just outside the lake (2): The dock that leads to the Lizard Lash, fire platform challenge.
  6. Outside perimeter of the lake (9): Groups of 3 around the lake.
  7. Leading to the Platforming Challenge (3): At one corner of the lake, on the sinking platform ramp.
  8. During the Platforming Challenge (9): On the course inside the pipe, past the above sinking ramp.
  9. Inside area of the lake (6): There are 2 when you jump from the broken part of the bridge, 2 in the building in the center, and 2 on the big pipe by Clara.
  10. Lizard Lash Hoop Challenge (7): Around the lake. During the challenge that is started by talking to the pumpkin.
  11. Path from Clara to Planker (9): There are 3 on the floating wooden platforms, and 6 on the island itself.
  12. Path to Kartos (4): There will now be 4 quills that appear around the side of the Moodymaze Bunker on the way to Kartos.

Ghost Writers Edit

Ghost Writers
Ghost Writer Location
In the area with the floating logs, follow them to the end then follow some platforms to the right.
Use the Lizard Lash to climb up the wooden walkway near Trowzer.
In the Swampy Station, when you enter out of the water head to the left of the room and he's in the pond.
In the thorned area with blue mushrooms near the Pumping Plant.
On top of the Wind Mr. Blowy. Post-Expansion only.

Other Collectibles Edit

Other Collectibles
Collectible Location
In the same swamp pool as Dr. Puzz. After the pool has been cleared, there is a cylindrical cage. Clear the mushrooms from the cap of the cage, causing the top to float off and free the Mollycool.
Arcade Token
Play Coin
On a platform connected to a tree during the Lizard Lash Course. On the 3rd treetop, it will appear behind the player.
Health Extender
Underwater in the pond with the Mr. Blowy. Inside a cube, use Sonar 'Splosion to break it. Post-Expansion only.
Power Extender
The Power Extender for this world is located on top of a pipe above the spinning platform with flame jets (see screenshots). This pipe along with the platform is not here in Pre-Expansion, but the player can still get the Power Extender by using Flappy Flight.
Pirate Treasure
Pirate Treasure
Use Flappy Flight to get to the top of the Pumping Plant where this can be found. Flappy Flight is not required, however.

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  • Before being confirmed, the Toybox+ Demo's source code suggested the existence of a swamp-themed world. Older concept art showed a primitive swamp level as well.

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