Minecart Gems are an item that Yooka and Laylee can obtain through The Kartos Challenges. In order to complete The Kartos Challenge, the duo must collect a minimum number of gems varying by world. Upon completion of The Kartos Challenge, the duo will receive a Pagie.

Golden minecart gems are worth 5 "normal blue gems."

Number of Gems Required Edit

Appearance Edit

Normal Gems Edit

The Gems are light blue. Each Gem has distinct sharp angles. This item gives off a blue glow.

Golden Gems Edit

The golden gems have the same distinct sharp angels as the normal gems, but they are golden instead of light blue. These are worth 5 "normal blue gems."

Colliding with a wooden barrel subtracts three gems. Getting burned by Mr. Blowy's flames subtracts five gems.

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Trivia Edit

  • In Tribalstack Tropics, if the duo successfully completes the task, Kartos states that he is going to trade in his "Purdy Gems" at a collectible exchange store.

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