The Lizard Lash is an ability that Yooka can use in order to reach different objects that have the shape of Yooka's head. This ability is used through using Yooka's Slurp Shot ability, and will automatically lock onto the Grapple Points if close by.

Uses Edit

Yooka can use the Lizard Lash to attach onto objects and pull himself there.

Description Image
Pulling himself to places Yooka can throw out his tongue onto objects, and pull himself there.
Grappling Tongue

Using the Lizard Lash onto a red object

Controls Edit

Note that Yooka's tongue will automatically lock-onto any nearby edible/copyable/grabbable object.

Steam Edit

Xbox One Edit

Press BXboxOne to shoot out Yooka's Tongue.

Playstation 4 Edit

Press Circle PS4 to shoot out Yooka's Tongue.

Nintendo Switch Edit

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