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“Wot? I didn’t do nuffink! You can’t prove it!”
― Lady Lootsalot

Lady Lootsalot is a member of the Knights of Hamalot, and is part of the treasure hunting quest of Tribalstack Tropics. She is the second member of the group to be found in Tribalstack Tropics. She appears in Capital Cashino and Galleon Galaxy as well she can also be found in the card house

Name Origin Edit

The name, "Lady Lootsalot" is a play-on-words of the phrase, "loots a lot" which means to steal a lot.

Appearance Edit

Lootsalot is a pig who sports a navy-blue bandit mask. She wears chainmail armor that covers her entire body from head to toe. Over top of the chainmail, she has a purple and white striped one piece, reminiscent of 1920's swimwear. Lootsalot wears a beige apron with an orange belt along with an orange sword. She appears to speak with a Cockney accent.

Personality Edit

Lady Lootsalot is a dishonest bandit. She always claims she hasn't done anything wrong and there's no way to prove her guilt.

Task Edit

  • Tribalstack Tropics: Lootsalot is the second character to be found during the treasure hunting quest. In order for Lady Lootsalot to appear, the duo must first speak to Sir Scoffsalot in the Tribalstack Forest. After the player speaks with Lootsalot, she will give a hint to the next member of the Knights of Hamalot: Sir Shootsalot.
  • Capital Cashino: Like the other knights of Hamalot, Lootsalot will want you to fly her somewhere as the helicopter. Her riddle is "Blast your way through, don't even halt. To sneak me into the casino Vault!"
  • Galleon Galaxy: First, take out the boulders blocking the entrance to the small hut. Use Camo Cloak to claim the stolen key, otherwise, she'll just keep hiding it from you.

Locations Edit

  • Tribalstack Tropics - Under the bridge entrance to the Tribal Village in the shallow river.
  • Capital Cashino - Use the Helicopter Form to blast missiles at the broken rocks next to the sealed off room with all the caged tokens, near the arcade.
  • Galleon Galaxy - Inside of a small structure on Skull Island.

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  • Lady Lootsalot was first revealed by Playtonic Games during the Character of the Day event on February 27th, 2017 on Twitter, however, there was a talking sprite.[1] She was formerly known as Lady Loadalot.

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