The Knights of Hamalot are a group of four royal pig knights.

Name OriginEdit

The name "Knights of Hamalot" is a spoof off of the words "Knights of Camelot" and "Ham".

Members Edit

Task Edit

Tribalstack Tropics: Edit

Their goal in Tribalstack Tropics is to search for Rampo's Treasure Chamber. The duo must speak to them in one go to receive a Pagie.

Capital Cashino: Edit

Escort them using the Chopper Form to their desired locations.

Galleon Galaxy: Edit

They each hold a key.

Trivia Edit

  • There is also a level called "Hamalot" from Bubsy 2, but this could just be a coincidence.

Knights of Hamalot
Lady Leap-A-Lot Lady LeapalotLOOTSALOT FFS Lady LootsalotSir Scoffsalot Sir ScoffsalotSir Shootsalot Render Sir Shootsalot