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The Kartos Challenge is a challenge where Yooka and Laylee must ride Kartos on a track to collect the required number of gems in order to receive a Pagie. Kartos can shoot cannonballs out of his mouth to destroy Corplet Drones or barrels. If the duo collides with a wooden barrel, then the duo will lose three gems. If the duo gets burnt by Mr. Blowys' flames, the duo will lose five gems. If the duo falls off the railroad track, the duo must restart the challenge.

World Minimum Gems Total Gems Enemies
Tribalstack Tropics 60 Mr. Blowy
Glitterglaze Glacier 100 Corplet Drones

Mr. Blowy

Moodymaze Marsh 125 Corplet Drones

Mr. Blowy

Capital Cashino 150 150 Blue
12 Gold
Corplet Drones

Mr. Blowy

Galleon Galaxy 175 Corplet Drones

Mr. Blowy

Trivia Edit

  • After completing the Capital Cashino Kartos Challenge, the player is immediately forced into the I.N.E.P.T. boss fight. However, if the player is defeated, they are not required to repeat the Challenge.
  • The minimum number of required gems required in Tribalstack Tropics is the only threshold of gems in the game that is not a multiple of 25.

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