Bzzz... Silly organics. Toybox budget doesn't cover repeat dialogue.
― Inept
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Inept is a security bot that acts as a friendly tutor in the Toybox for the player. It is also found as a secret character in Galleon Galaxy.

Name Origin Edit

The word 'inept' means "generally awkward or clumsy".[1]

Appearance Edit

Inept is a dark grey robot with green eyes, a large head, and a green light on its body. A burgundy stripe goes around Inept's body. Inept does not seem to have any wheels, so it is unknown how it is able to move around.

Personality Edit

Inept is a bit slightly reckless when attempting to loosely guide the player. While Inept in-game does provide information on the controls in the Toybox, Inept almost eliminated Yooka and Laylee by accident until recognizing them as the player last second. When Inept tells the player to hit a button to turn a wall, two walls end up falling apart, and Inept claimed that it had nothing to do with the incident and blamed the developers. Inept also thought it was a good idea to "exterminate" the other NPCs in the Toybox for the player to roam around more freely.

Quotes Edit

Inept's Toybox Secret (Spoilers)Edit

  • "Bzzz... When real-world game releases, look to a pirate ship for a surprise. Bzzz... Ground smash lone rock under a nearby tree to reveal the way."

Galleon Galaxy (Spoilers) Edit

  • "Bzzz... Still loading exposition... 50.1%"

Galleon Galaxy (After Spit N' Polish Update) Edit

  • "Bzzz... Still loading exposition... 75%"


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