The Igloo Cliff is a cliff that contains a small river and a few igloos in Glitterglaze Glacier. The cliff is located on the far north of the map and all the way across the three tall towers at the end of the world. The river at the cliffs also contain a underwater small cave that leads to the Glitterglaze Cave.

The cliffs are accessible through the Frozen Path located near the world entrance or the shortcut near the three tall towers on Glitterglaze Shore.

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Locations of Characters Edit

Character Location
Clara Body-0
On a ramp near the Igloos near a few dead trees
Cowboy Snowman Cropped
Cowboy Snowman
Inside of the Glitterglaze Cave on a ramp located at the very back of the cave.

Collectibles Edit

Pagies Edit



  1. Rescue Potty Mouth: Clara's 'antique' named Potty Mouth needs to be rescued at the Igloo Cliffs. By destroyed the five igloos - all of which contains baddies such as Corplet Drones or Googly Eyes - Yooka and Laylee will receive a Pagie from Clara.
  2. Find the Snowmen's Hats and return it: Find all five of the Snowman's hats by using the Snowplough Form's charge against snow piles. If the player returns the cowboy hat to the Cowboy Snowman inside of the Glitterglaze Cave last out of all of the snowman, the player will be rewarded with a Pagie.

Quills Edit



  1. River Bridge (3): On top of the bridge above the small lake are 3 Quills.
  2. Entrance to the Underwater Cave (3): Underwater by the bridge in the lake are 3 Quills in front of the Glitterglaze Cave entrance.
  3. On top of the Igloos (5): On top of each igloo by Potty Mouth are quills. Each igloo contains 1 quills on top of it. In total, there are 5 igloos with 5 quills.
  4. Clara's Ramp (3): Near the igloo cliffs is a ramp that Clara is standing on. On the ramp are 3 Quills.
  5. Back of the Underwater Cave (3): The underwater cave known as the Glitterglaze Cave contains 3 Quills. The cave is located on top of the Igloo Cliffs underwater at the end of the river At the end of the cave, three quills sit on the same ramp to the right of the Cowboy Snowman.

Ghost Writers Edit

Ghost Writer
Ghost Writer Location
At the end of the Glitterglaze Cave, running around above ice.

Hats Edit

Hat Location
Witch Hat
Witch Hat
Witch Hat Location: Underneath a pile of snow located on top of the Igloo Cliffs in between the entrance of the Glitterglaze Cave and the Frozen Path's exit.

Method of Retrieval: In the player's Snowplough Form, they can take the shortcut to the Igloo Cliffs located at the Glitterglaze Shore by Dr. Puzz to get to the pile of snow which is by the river.

Snowman: The Witch Snowman is located in the middle of Crystalline Cave by a pillar with a Scorchberry and a Frostberry next to the pillar.

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  • In an old screenshot of this location, Clara had to be rescued similarly in Tribalstack Tropics. However, this was changed for unknown reasons.
  • It's possible to destroy the igloo by rushing into them while in Snowplough Form. Doing this throw the pieces of the igloo flying far.

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