The name "Icymetric Path" is unofficial, and will be changed once an official name has been revealed.

The Icymetric Path is a structure in Glitterglaze Glacier located in the southern part of the Glitterglaze Lake. The structure itself is a frozen walkway held up by a half-a-dozen man-made pillars. The walkway acts as a bridge from the shore of Glittertrio Towers to Icymetric Palace. A couple of off-road pillars contain pink sakura trees with Bee Hives on them.

On the east side, the walkway is connected by a hovering platform to the top of the palace gates.

Most of the ice cannot be climbed using the Reptile Roll. However, if the player uses the Slurp State ability on nearby Bee Hives. they will turn sticky, allowing the player to walk on the slippery ice for 20 seconds.

Points of Interest Edit

  • Icymetric Path
  • First Checkpoint
  • Sakura Trees
  • Top of the Palace Gates
  • Icymetric Palace Entrance

Collectibles Edit

Quills Edit



  1. First Slippery Walkway (3): While in Sticky Yooka form, the duo can walk or Reptile Roll up the first walkway starting from the shore of Glittertrio Towers. On the way up are 3 quills.
  2. First Checkpoint (4): After going around the tower on the first walkway, the duo will find a checkpoint with no ice. 2 corners of the checkpoint contain 2 quills, and the step with blocks acting as walls contain 2 quills.
  3. First Checkpoint Sakura Tree (4): Near the first checkpoint is another tower with a sakura tree with a Bee Hive on it as well. Around the tree are 4 quills.
  4. Top of the Palace Gates (3) The first checkpoint connects to the Palace Gates with a hovering platform. In between the two tall towers of the Palace Gates are 3 Quills.
  5. icymetric Palace Entrance (5): On the second checkpoint near the second sakura tree is a singular quill. On both side of the last walkway to Icymetric Palace lies 4 quills before the chains.

Hats Edit

Hat Location
Tricorn Location: Underneath a pile of snow on top of the side cliffs connected to the Icymetric Path, guarded by Googly Eyes.

Method of Retrieval: Once the player has transformed into a Snowplough, the duo can travel towards the Icymetric Palace on the Icymetric Path. Once the player makes their way around the tower that the path curves around, the player can split off to the right and jump onto a hovering platform that leads to the side cliffs to rush into the snow pile to collect the Tricorn.

Snowman: Shiver E. Timbers is located below the side cliffs where the tricorn was collected on a small island close to the Glittertrio Towers.

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