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The Icymetric Palace is the large castle made of ice located in Glitterglaze Glacier. Once the world is expanded, two floating Glitterglaze Keys will unlock the entrances leading into the palace. Inside, the player's camera is set to an isometric view. There are two ways in - one at the end of the Icymetric Path and one at the bottom of Glitterglaze Lake. The interior is accessible only after the expansion of the Grand Tome.

Name Origin Edit

The name "Icymetric Palace" is a play-on-words of the words, "icy," "isometric," and "palace." The camera view and interior designs of this building are isometric. A palace is "a large, splendid house." The exterior of the palace is partially covered in ice.

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  • The outside of the Icymetric Palace was first revealed in the Gamescom 2016 Trailer.

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