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I.N.E.P.T. is the boss of the fourth world, Capital Cashino. He is located on the rails of the Kartos Challenge. He attacks after Kartos breaks a casino rule by giving out a Pagie for winning the challenge. Defeating this boss awards the "Obsolete" trophy/achievement.

Name Origin Edit

Inept means to be clumsy or awkward, as in I.N.E.P.T.'s poor vision and hearing.

Appearance Edit

I.N.E.P.T. is a robot that rides on Kartos' rails. His shape and appearance are similar to that of Corplet Security. His eyes glow bright green. Most of the metal pieces and frame on his body are bronze as well as black, and his wheels are small orange rolly-wheels. His head is similar to XBOX's Kinect.

Personality Edit

As a security guard, I.N.E.P.T. is strict and unforgiving. His poor hearing and eyesight often leads him to perceive statements said to him as insults.

He also seems to be a bit sadistic, as he will laugh at Yooka and Laylee if they fail to evade his attacks.

Strategy Edit

Phase IEdit

For the first phase, I.N.E.P.T. will drop spiky mines, which must be either jumped over or destroyed with the cannon. After this, his eyes will flash red three times, before he charges at Kartos. If the player does not land a hit before he reaches the duo, he will damage the player. Time a shot to connect with him by firing just after the third flash.

Phase IIEdit

His second phase will consist of him simply rushing at the player constantly. Shoot him when he gets ready for a charge, then jump over him. Hits scored from behind do count, if he was charging from behind the duo. When low on health he may try to fake the player out by flashing twice, moving a bit closer, then flashing a third time. If the player jumps early, the player should quickly hit the brakes to avoid landing on him. Once he does this one, he will always try to fake the player out.

Phase IIIEdit

I.N.E.P.T will launch missiles at the player for the final phase. The player can wait for them to come back towards the duo, and jump over them, so they crash into I.N.E.P.T.'s face. Watch the pattern as he launches them, and the player can use the brake or boost if needed.

Location Edit

After the duo successfully completes the Kartos Challenge by collecting 150 Minecart Gems, I.N.E.P.T. will appear on the railroad tracks.

Quotes Edit

Before the fight:Edit


"Bzzz... Halt! Security Alert! Casino rules clearly state that Pagies can only be awarded by the handsome cashier. You six are in big trouble!"


"Us.. Six?"


"Bzzz... Un-blur yourselves! My sensors are having a right mare with the lighting in here."


"I think there's been a mistake... Maybe you should calm down and log off."


"Bzzz... Bog off?! Nobody gives casino security that level of sass! Prepare to be made obsolete. Your adventure ends here!"

After Phase I:Edit


"Bzzz... You've stepped too close now. Move back a bit and prepare for attack Phase 2!"

After Phase II:Edit


"Give up, ya piece a' junk! Ah'm the track king!"


"My tracking's what?! A few missiles will teach you some manners!"

After I.N.E.P.T.'s defeat:Edit


"Bzzz... This is not how it was supposed to end! I.N.E.P.T. can't believe he's been defeated by a green badger and his purple dragon!"

If the player dies and comes back:Edit


"Bzzz... Back for more emotionally sensitive beatings? Fight on!"

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Trivia Edit

  • Trev the Tenteyecle and I.N.E.P.T. are the only bosses that are accessible without expanding the world.
  • The only person who is "authorized" to award Pagies in Capital Cashino is Capital B.

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