Gloomy Gem Grotto is a large and dark ice cave located in Glitterglaze Glacier. Initially, the cave is pitch black, but upon consumption of a Firefly, Yooka will go into his Luminous form, which will provide light for Yooka and Laylee to see inside the Gloomy Gem Grotto.

The grotto's entrance is found underwater below the shore of Glittertrio Towers.

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  1. Traverse through Gloomy Gem Grotto: Gloomy Gem Grotto is a dark cavern that can be challenging due to the lighting, controls, and Power Meter limits. By using the Slurp State ability on the nearby Fireflies, Yooka will become luminous and his glow will allow the player to see everything in a short radius.. After the first section, the player will be forced to use the Reptile Roll due to the slippery ice. By the end of the whole obstacle, the player will be able to open the Pagie in a Cagie, as well as being able to open up a shortcut to the entrance.

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  1. First and Second Slide (5): The first slide right after the first set of Fireflies contain 3 Quills. The second slide after that contains 2 Quills.
  2. First Icy Pathway (5): The first icy pathway contains 5 Quills in total: 1 Quill before the Fireflies, and 4 after that. Note that this specific path does not require the Reptile Roll
  3. Second Icy Pathway (3): The second icy pathway that requires the player to jump over a gap contains 3 Quills right before the gap.
  4. Corplet Punisher's Hill (6): The hill with the Corplet Punisher contains 6 Quills.
  5. Final Area (3): The last area before the Pagie in a Cagie where the player jumps back and forth on the ice contains 3 quills.

Other Collectibles Edit

Other Collectibles
Collectible Location
Pirate Treasure
Pirate Treasure
On top of the rocks near the Corplet Punisher's area. The player can use either the Flappy Flight to get there. However, it is possible to get on top of the rocks with just the Lizard Leap ability and the Glide ability.



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Trivia Edit

  • Despite the player entering the grotto underwater, they are shown entering walking on land.
  • Lots of fans claim that this part of the game is frustrating due to how easy it is to fall off the cliff. This part can be cheesed via Flappy Flight.
  • In the Spit 'N' Polish Update, there were several changes to Gloomy Gem Grotto.
    • The first, third, and last pathway are now walkable. Previously, the player was forced to use the Reptile Roll.
    • A patch of fireflies was added to the first pathway

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