The Glitterglaze Cave is a small underwater cave found inside of the river on top of the Igloo Cliffs.

The location of the cave is on top of the Igloo Cliffs. The Igloo Cliffs is found on the far end side of Glitterglaze Glacier, and it is accessible through either the Frozen Path located near the world entrance, or the shortcut near the three tall towers. The underwater Glitterglaze Cave itself is underwater at the start of the river. Yooka and Laylee can swim to the start of the river to access the cave.

The interior of the cave itself is small, but it contains the entrance shore, the slippery ice flooring, and the ramp at the end of the cave.

Evie can be found flying around above the slippery ice flooring, while the Cowboy Snowman can be found at the end of the ramp. The ramp itself contains 3 Quills.

Points of Interest Edit

  • Cave Exit
  • Evie's Slippery Floor and the Ramp
    • This is the only room in the cave.
    • All of the collectibles located in the cave reside here. These collectibles include Evie, the Cowboy Snowman, and the three Quills.

Location of Characters Edit

Character Location
Cowboy Snowman Cropped
Cowboy Snowman
Found on top of the ramp at the back of the cave.

Collectibles Edit

Pagies Edit



  1. Find the Snowmen's Hats and return it: Find all five of the Snowman's hats by using the Snowplough Form's charge against snow piles. If the player returns the cowboy hat to the Cowboy Snowman inside of the Glitterglaze Cave last out of all of the snowman, the player will be rewarded with a Pagie.

Quills Edit



  1. Back of the Cave (3): At the end of the cave, three quills sit on the same ramp to the right of the Cowboy Snowman.

Ghost Writers Edit

Ghost Writer
Ghost Writer Location
At the end of the cave, running around above ice.

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