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The Ghost Writers are collectable characters in Yooka-Laylee. They are the original authors of the Grand Tomes, but have suffered a suspicious demise that left them cursed to wander their creations endlessly in search of salvation.[1]

If Yooka and Laylee find all 5 Ghost Writers within a world, they will be rewarded with a single Pagie within the world you find them all in.

Name OriginEdit

A "ghost writer" in real life is an author who writes some or all of a book, but allows another person to put their name on the book as the writer. The authors are also ghosts, giving the name a double meaning.

List of Ghost WritersEdit

In each world, there are exactly five Ghost Writers to find, and collecting them all will unlock a Pagie.[2] However, each Ghost Writer has a unique behavior that makes them more difficult to acquire.

  • Normy, the Yellow Ghost Writer who does not move at all, and the easiest Ghost Writer to collect out of the five.
  • Ann-Gree, the Red demon-like Ghost Writer who attacks the duo and needs to be attacked many times before being collected.
  • Evie, the Green snake-like Ghost Writer who constantly floats away from the duo whenever the duo comes into its physical range.
  • Heidi, the Blue cloaked Ghost Writer who is initially invisible, can be found with Laylee's Sonar Shot ability.
  • Fee-Dee, the Pink large-mouthed Ghost Writer who needs to be fed either Frostberries or Bomberries.


Upon first collectionEdit

  • "Ghost Writers are we, this book we made, free all five, and a treasure we'll trade!"
  • "Capturing one ghoul, impressive indeed, but to free us all, new tactics you'll need!"
  • "Collecting Ghost Writers, it's fun. But in this demo, you can collect only one!"



Concept ArtEdit



Trivia Edit

  • The Ghost Writers speak in couplets.
  • The Ghost Writers act as Yooka-Laylee's Jinjos, a collectible from the Banjo-Kazooie series.
    • They are similar to Jinjos from Banjo-Kazooie because they come in multiple colors and are found in each world.
  • Steve Mayles designed the Ghost Writers.
  • Ann-Gree and Fee-Dee are the only two Ghost Writers to have a hyphen in their names.


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