The Frozen Path in Glitterglaze Glacier is an icy path near the world entrance. It features a very long slippery thin path within the cave and the temperature is below survivable. The icy paths is the main pathway to get to the Igloo Cliffs, but the entrance to the Igloo Cliffs will only open up once all of the fire pits are lit up in the room.

There is a fire pit located near the beginning that Yooka can use the Slurp Shot on to become Fire Yooka. By doing this, the duo can traverse the cold area without taking damage. There are more unlit fire pits that Yooka can jump on top of while in fire form to light on fire. Once all of the fire pits are lit, the room will permanently stay warm, and the entrance to the Igloo Cliffs will open revealing a Pagie.

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  • Frozen Path

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  1. Light up all 5 torches in the Frozen Path: If the player has the Slurp State ability, the player can lick the fire pit to become Fire Yooka, and they can freely enter the area. There are unlit fire pits and Yooka can light by standing on top of it and they act as checkpoints so Yooka can lick the fire pit again if he were to lose the ability. After all of the fire pits are lit, a Pagie will appear at the exit, and the duo can freely roam the room without taking damage.

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  1. Frozen Path Lower Floor (5): On the lower floor of the Frozen Path are in total 5 Quills. 3 on the way to the first checkpoint campfire, and 2 on the way to the second checkpoint campfire.
  2. Frozen Path Upper Floor (7): On the upper floor of the Frozen Path are in total 7 Quills. 1 above the hovering platform, 2 on the incredibly thin platform to the first checkpoint campfire of that floor, 1 Quill on path to the exit, and 3 Quills on the exit path to the Igloo Cliffs

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Ghost Writers
Ghost Writer Location
Towards the end of the path near the platforms.

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