Frostberries are one of the types of berries found in berry bushes. If Yooka consumes a Frostberry, Yooka will be able to spit large chunks of ice as projectiles. Yooka can use this to hit wooden targets, enemies, or buttons. It is one of the berries needed to feed Fee-Dee, the other being the Bomberries.

Appearance Edit

This plant has long green stalks with green leaves. The berries themselves have a crystal-like transparency.


Steam Edit

Press Left Click or Z to shoot ice particles.

Xbox One Edit

Press XXboxOne to shoot ice particles.

Playstation 4 Edit

Press Square PS4 to shoot ice particles.

Nintendo Switch Edit

All Known Uses Edit

  • Inducing Nimbo to precipitate snow
  • Feeding Fee-Dee
  • Hitting Targets and Switches to activate what they are connected to
  • Freezing enemies.

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Trivia Edit

Out of all of the berries in Yooka-Laylee, the Frostberry is the only berry to appear in every world.

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