"Na ha ha!"
― Evie

Evie is a green, snake-like Ghost Writer who will constantly run away while mocking Yooka and Laylee. If the duo successfully touches Evie, Evie will be collected. Evie is confined to a specific part of the world.

Appearance Edit

Evie is a long, green Ghost Writer who has a long tail and two dangling arms. He has two eyes with bright green pupils, an open mouth with jagged teeth, and the top of his head is curled.

Name Origin Edit

Evade means to "escape or avoid, especially by cleverness or trickery". Evie tries to prevent being caught by running away from Yooka and Laylee.

Quotes Edit

  • "Ghost writers are we, this book we made, free all five, and a treasure we'll trade!"
  • "Capturing one ghoul, impressive indeed, but to free us all, new tactics you'll need!"

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Trivia Edit

  • Evie first appeared in the Yooka-Laylee Toybox+.
    • Evie is also the first Ghost Writer to be revealed to speak.

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