Duke's Temple is an old structure located in the middle of Tribalstack Tropics, and it houses Duke, Planker, Trowzer, and Vendi.

On three sides of the temple, there are slopes that lead to the second floor of the temple, and on another side of the temple, there is an entrance to the first floor of the temple where Yooka and Laylee can play the mini game, "Duke's Shootout."

Collectibles Edit

Pagies Edit

  • Another Pagie is found flying around on the rooftop of the temple.
  • Complete the shootout challenge.

Minigames Edit

Duke's Target Challenge Edit

Inside of the temple, Yooka and Laylee must eat nearby Frostberries and use it to shoot plates of wood that have painted Corplets on them. If the duo shoots all 8 plates within 50 seconds, the Pagie in a Cagie will open, and the duo is able to receive its Pagie.

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