Duke is an NPC found inside Duke's Temple in Tribalstack Tropics. He hosts a minigame where Yooka and Laylee must shoot Frostberries at multiple planks of wood that have pictures of scrappily drawn Corplets.

Duke dislikes normal Corplets, as he calls the targets with Corplets on them 'blighters'. He also appears to look down at the duo, calling them 'run-of-the-mill peasants.'

Name Origin Edit

The name Duke is a male holding the highest hereditary title in the British royalty and certain other titles in England.

Appearance Edit

Like most Corplets, he is a blue gremlin-like creature with purple eyes. He has a huge mouth, uneven eyes, pointy ears, as well as crooked teeth and orange spikes on the top of his forehead. Duke has a blue body with a yellow belly.

The main difference between him and the regular Corplets is that he wears a very tall tophat with a white strip on the bottom, and the top of the hat is peeling off.

He holds a tilted cane with his right hand and puts his left hand behind his back.

Personality Edit

Unlike most Corplets who are bashful and reckless, the Duke acts much more like a gentleman. However, he looks down upon anyone who seems to be below him in rank and wealth, including Yooka and Laylee.

Task Edit

When the duo enters Duke's temple, Duke will request for additional sunlight inside his temple. The duo must go outside onto the second floor of Duke's Temple and hit the four switches. Duke will then challenge the duo to a target challenge back inside of the temple. If the duo completes this task, they will be rewarded with a Pagie inside a locked cage.

Entire Conversation Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • Duke's looks and personality represent a stereotypical Victorian age British gentleman.
  • The top hat the Duke wears is the same hat that the Classy Snowman wears, just scaled down.

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