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"Trolley down! I need saving! Hey you, go and get a St. Bernard that can hold its breath for a long time, will you?"
― Dolly the Trolley

Dolly the Trolley is a supporting NPC in Yooka-Laylee, found in Moodymaze Marsh.

Name Origin Edit

In Britain, shopping carts are called trolleys. Dolly rhymes with trolley, giving the character a rhyming name scheme.

Appearance Edit

Dolly is a bit dull gray. He has an orange road cone in his basket, and two fish skeletons hanging from the sides. Like the other trolleys, he has purple eyes and a purple handlebar.

Personality Edit

Task Edit

Dolly has been pinned underneath a pile of bones while collecting trash in the Dusky Duct. Yooka and Laylee can get rid of the bones while in the Piranha Form. Once the bones are gone, Dolly will reward the duo with a Pagie he found before getting trapped.

Location Edit

Inside Dusky Duct, trapped underneath the rubble near the very end of the area.

Gallery Edit