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The Crystalline Cave is large ice cave located in Glitterglaze Glacier. The cave consists of several crystal-shaped icicles with man-made brick walls in various areas.

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  1. Complete the Crystalline Cave Ice Puzzle To solve the Crystalline Cave Ice Puzzle, Laylee must use her Sonar Shot ability on the large icicles in the order of the nearby glowing multicolored icicles. The order in which the icicles change color is the same order that the duo must use the sonar shot on the main set of icicles.
  2. Find the Snowmen's Hats and return it: Find all five of the Snowman's hats by using the Snowplough Form's charge against snow piles. If the player returns the witch hat to the Witch Snowman inside of the Glitterglaze Cave last out of all of the snowman, the player will be rewarded with a Pagie.

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  1. Crystalline Cave Ice Puzzle (3): At the Crystalline Cave Ice Puzzle is a Pagie in a Cagie and a bundle of colored ice crystals. Between the two objects is a gap with three Quills floating in the air.
  2. Giant ice slide (6): On the giant ice slide located near the back and top entrance are 6 Quills. 3 on the top and 3 on the bottom on the slide

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Other Collectibles
Collectible Location
Power Extender
Located in the middle of the giant ice slide. There are two methods of retrieval:
  1. From the top, the player can use the Slurp State ability on the cannonballs to turn heavy and slide down to the left to find a small cliff with the Power Extender. If the players do not become heavy from the cannonballs, they will be pushed away to the right side of the slide due to the nearby Mr. Blowy and miss the Power Extender
  2. From the bottom, the player will find a Bee Hive nearby, and the player can use the Slurp State ability to turn sticky and walk up the slide. Right before passing by the Mr. Blowy, the player can make a sharp right turn and find a cliff with the Power Extender.

Hats Edit

Hat Location
Top Hat
Top Hat
Top Hat Location: Underneath a pile of snow in Crystalline Cave where the path splits in three with Googly Eyes guarding the pile of snow.

Method of Retrieval: Once the player has turned into a Snowplough, the player can travel into Crystalline Cave - located near the end of Glitterglaze Shore by the icy floor. Once the player enters the cave, they will be greeted by Googly Eyes and the snowpile close to the googly eyes.

Snowman: The Classy Snowman is located on the corner of the Igloo Cliffs by the igloos and the edge of the cliff.

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