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The name "Cosmic Corplet" is unofficial, and will be changed once an official name has been revealed.

The Cosmic Corplet is a common enemy found in Galleon Galaxy. They are Galleon Galaxy's variant of the standard Corplet.

Appearance Edit

Cosmic Corplets resemble tiny aliens in navy suits with their faces sticking out. They have four stubby arms, a stubby tail, spotted orange skin, and their brains appear to be exposed.

Personality Edit

Variations Edit

Like Corplets, the leader Cosmic Minion can also wear armor.

Abilities Edit

They can rush at the duo and perform contact one unit of damage.

History Edit

The cosmic corplet is simply one of the five variations of Capital B's minions, known as Corplets. In the Beta of the game, however, all of the Grand Tomes and Hivory Towers had the same type of Corplet- the one that roams Hivory Towers.

Gallery Edit

Screenshots Edit

Trivia Edit

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