Corplets (Also known as Keiths) are common enemies found throughout Yooka-Laylee. Corplets are likely one of the weakest enemies in the game, as they are defeated in one hit.

They are often in groups with one or two Armored Leader Corplets.

Name Origin Edit

Corplet is a play-on-words on the word "corporation" and the suffix "-let." "Corporation" refers to Capital B's business motives, and the suffix "-let" refers to an offspring of a species (such as piglet). Corplets are Capital B's lowest ranked employees on the promotion ladder.

Appearance Edit

Corplets are blue gremlin-like creatures with purple eyes. They have a huge mouth, uneven eyes, pointy ears, and orange spikes on the top of their forehead. Corplets have a blue body with a yellow belly.

Personality Edit

Corplets are brave and reckless, and they follow their leader: the Armored Corplet. They are very easily surprised when they see an enemy. If the armored Corplet is defeated, the rest of the Corplets cower for a few seconds.

Variations Edit

Name Description Behavior Health Damage Image
Normal A normal Corplet. No special traits Corplets will run around in random directions. When they spot the duo, they back up, then growl before charging. They will shake their fist in the air if they miss, then back up and charge again. If the Armored Leader Corplet is defeated, Corplets will cower before attacking again. They will sometimes avoid the player's attacks. 1 1 Keith In-game Model
Armored Leader Corplet A Corplet that either wears a pair of green shorts, a brown fedora, or an oil pot on their head. They appear to be leaders among a group of normal Corplets. Same behavior as a normal Corplet. 2 1 Corplet Hat

Abilities Edit

History Edit

He was first shown on a Twitter post by Playtonic Games.[1] On April 14, 2015, in celebration for reaching 30K followers on Twitter, Playtonic released a vine showcasing a Corplet's in-game model[2]. His first appearance was in the Toybox+.


Concept ArtEdit

Screenshots Edit

Animated Edit

Trivia Edit

  • In early development of the game, Corplets were referred to as "Keith Minions".
    • In a DKVine Twitch stream of the Toybox+, Playtonic Games joined the Twitch chat, and a user named ThePurpleDragun asked "@PlaytonicGames, are the minions still named Keith?". Playtonic Games responded "@ThePurpleDragun Corplets."[3]
  • In the coding, they are referred to as the "BaddieSquad".
  • "There's a one in 20 chance the leader of a group of enemies will have a pair of pants for a head" - Andy Robinson



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