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The Corplet Punishers are large, orange, muscular versions of Corplets known for their brute-force strength. While touching them will deal the normal 1 damage to the player, they are capable of using a charged-up spin attack which can inflict 3 bars of damage towards the player.

Corplet Punishers have a natural weakness to Bomberries. Using a bomberry to defeat a Corplet Punisher kills them instantly.

Name Origin Edit

Corplet Punisher is a play-on-words of the phrase "corporal punishment" which is the practice of inflicting pain as a form of punishment such as spanking misbehaved children.


The Corplet Punisher is mostly orange, with a brown face, a yellow underbelly, and yellow spines on his back. His legs are short, while his shoulders, arms, and hands are large and powerful. His eyes are wide and googly, and his lower jaw is much larger than his upper jaw, leaving him with a significant underbite. He also has a mouth full of large, sharp teeth, and broken, steel shackles attached to his wrists.

Personality Edit

Harsh and violent towards Yooka and Laylee. Possibly brutal to normal Corplets as implied in their names.

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History Edit

The Corplet Punisher was revealed by Playtonic Games on May 3, 2015. Before the Corplet Punisher's name was revealed, the Yooka-Laylee community called it the Burly Minion or the Corpling. On September 17, 2016, Andy Robinson stated that their official names are called the Corplet Punishers.


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  • Using a bomberry to kill a Corplet Punisher kills them instantly due to their weakness, while it still takes 2 hits of a bomberry to defeat an armored Corplet.

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